Something went wrong (Difficulty retrieving content from our servers)

Hello, first post here. Sorry if wrong section.
Basically, whenever I open the app, on EVERY game it shows me this error message. Overwatch, Warzone, HOTS, etc:
“Something went wrong. We’re having difficulty retrieving content from our servers. Please try again with the button below. “RELOAD”” with the image of a worker(?) above the error message

I have pressed reload many times, checked my router, restarted it, and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the battlenet app. It worked first when i reinstalled it. Then after i play a game, close the app and open it again, the problem is back.

The games themselves work fine online. No problems whatsoever. It’s only the app.

Any way to fix this? Thank you in advance.

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Howdy Nogizaka46,

This sounds like something on the computer blocking the Blizzard app (such as security software) or maybe a connection issue. Let’s try disabling all other programs temporarily to narrow down the issue.

I am having the same or very similar issue.

The news feed works if I download the app and don’t update it. But when I do update it, the news feed fails to work for me for all games (the same error message described by the OP) when I log in to Europe but it is properly working, albeit extra slow, for the US region. This is for a new account that I have made.
However my other, older account works fine in both regions.

Perhaps just temporary issue with the new app update? or perhaps something with certain accounts, new or old?

I’m curious as I want to buy a game on my new account for EU but do not wish to if I am always going to have an error on the news feed. I realize I could not update the app or just use my old account, not a huge deal but I would prefer not to have to resort to that.

Edit: I just went into both realms “Without Logging In” and the news feed is fine. Then when I use this account, the “something went wrong” error continues. So it seems to be something with my new account, weird. Any info about this would be much appreciated. I’ll check back tomorrow.

I have tried closing all other programs that is running in the background or running in task manager. afterburner, rivatuner, discord, vanguard, origin, steam, nvidia, idm, poweriso, msi boost, and some other windows services. The only background task i can see running is my printer.

I have also double checked that battlenet launcher and battlenet app are both allowed in windows firewall, and tried enabling and disabling some windows services that i thought were relevant to connection problem, but unfortunately still no changes.

I am having a similar problem: When logging in through the Blizzard app on PC it says update and when I press to start that, it goes into a scanning mode for around 38 minutes to end up with, error : BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 and then starts all over again… This happened after your services went offline yesterday for hours ???


Same issues here!! It’s kind of ridiculous and frustrating when the issue is the app itself and the developers/tech support can’t come up with a solution. I’ve been struggling with this for a few days now. Is this is what I paid for to play on PC? I must have not read the fine print thoroughly. I never have these problems with Steam.

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Hello, update on the problem.
Idk what i did but when i started the app today it didn’t directly log me in. Instead, it showed me an error message (i forgot what it was, maybe session expired. i have short term memory losses sometimes sorry). And basically what i did was relog and it got fixed. No error messages on all games, tried closing and reopening the app and still works.
Edit: tried restarting my pc also, and still works.

Problem is fixed!

I am having the same issue! I was so confused. Can someone help?


I’m having this exact same problem. It started about a week ago and still persists. Is there any way to fix it?

I’ve been having this problem for months

and still left it forever lol.

I was having this issue too. Games run fine, shop runs fine… something went wrong screen on game tabs.

I figured out what the issue is. When I was logging in, I was in the wrong region on It was logging me into the Americas when it should of been Asias. This is selected with you first log into the app. You can delete your login information in the settings and then log out, log back in selecting your region. Works perfectly now.

I hope this helps something else because this was doing my head in.

Here’s what fixed it for me:

  1. Press Windows+R to open the “Run” prompt
  2. Type one of the below locations and press enter:
  3. Delete any folders which say Blizzard,, or Blizzard Entertainment
  4. Repeat steps 2/3 for all 4 locations above
  5. Grab a new desktop application installer from our website and run it.

Thanks Oriphus! It is worked for me.

Oriphus’s way of fixing still works. Still legit up to 9/6/2021.

For some reason, this glitch only happens on my second account. When I log into my first account it works, but on this account it doesn’t.

I have uninstalled completely (and used Oriphus’s method), but it still doesn’t work. It’s annoying.

Already tried that still no change.

Same here. It started yesterday.

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same, my account just started todo this and i tried Oriphus way and no change =(

hi …
i tried a lot of tricks but my problem wasn’t solved
and than i changed my password and login again it was solved no more error everything was solved i recommended you to change your password and try i think it will work.

“Solved” the problem by first uninstalling everything - the app and the games too. And then I created a new Microsoft account, logged into Windows with a new user and installed everything under it. Works fine, with only one little inconvenience - to play I need to use a parallel windows-user acc, not the one I used previously.

still having the same issue. Unable to launch any games (Overwatch or Warzone) and im not willing to reinstall both on a seperate windows user. Blizzard need to have a fix for this