Session expired, please try again

Why am I posting here when this isn’t a app issue? 2 different GM’s linked this forum instead of the correct one, and the Mobile Authenticator bug report forum has 0 blue posts. Plus, it already contains this bug report (for months, with 0 replies), and there was no response to my thread in that forum asking if a single person at Blizzard looks at that forum.

This bug has been reported as early as April 28, with no fix to be found anywhere.

This “Session expired” bug is a problem with the Android version of the mobile “Authenticator” app. When attempting to log in, the app moves to the “Setting up…” Layout, where it then kicks you back to the log in screen with a text box showing something for ~3 frames, then overriding it with an error that says “Session expired, please try again.”

I’ve spent over 5 hours troubleshooting this, and the only fix I’ve found is to throw my Android phone in the trash and use my friend’s iPad, because the iOS version of the app actually functions (and the reviews mirror that functionality, with the android app having nearly a 3x lower store rating (there’s 15 reviews mentioning session expired, and MANY more 1 star reviews with no info provided outside of saying the app doesn’t work))

I’m running Android 6.0.1, but this bug was also reported on Android 8.1.0, and the sheer number of google play store reviews mentioning session expired lead me to believe it’s not a version specific bug. Here is the link to the bug report that has already existed for months Session expired, please try again

I’ve tried every troubleshooting step on the website, every troubleshooting step i can think of, and every troubleshooting step 5 GM’s recommended, as well as every variation and order of each of those troubleshooting steps I can come up with. I think the only way I can locally resolve this is to go buy an apple device, which isn’t happening. Not a chance in heck I’m going to pay a mediocre company a ton of money to continue giving the company I hate the most (Blizzard) more money.

I’d post a screenshot of the issue, but the app doesn’t allow screenshots, and every time I’ve ever sent Blizzard GM’s screenshots, it seems like they never look at them.

Please help. Old Blizzard would never have had this issue for this long in the first place, and old Blizzard would have also been able to end this nightmare by just manually enabling the bag slots I’m trying to get.

have same prob, android 6.0.1