Servers can not handle traffic?

It’s busy day for Battlenet? Need to remain in Que to join for over 30 minutes? Whats with that?


Same message here.
Whats going on, it’s never done this before.


was playing cold war when it went black…for a second i thought i was shadow banned. then i come back to it being a busy day for battle net…wtf blizzard

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Same here. Put in line for logging in. I want my money back.

Its all crasshhhheeeddd, DDOS attack on Blizzard


Confirmed or speculative? My game crashed, booted me and now the queue is 45 min.

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Confirmed, its listed on news


Same here, was playing Warzone and that’s all she wrote. I know Playstation network/Xbox Live isn’t having an issue like this.

40mins to wait and log into game I purchased, took my money in seconds!!

Now they are saying they are under a DDoS attack hahaha

waited 20 min to have the 40 min queue disappear. only to find out the battle net program isnt responding. so close out and go back in to another 40 min queue wtf blizzard.


Yup, just got the DDOS confirmation. /facepalm

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Great, finally got off work to play WoW or Diablo, and DDOS attack. Any estimation on this? I know everyone hates the company right now, but why screw with players.

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Backlash for crappy ceo that wont resign

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Bnet app keeps crashing for me. I went afk for a minute and came back to Cold War giving error message. Now client wont even open for me. its double xp weekend, come on blizzard >.<

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would also be nice if we had the ability to play offline, just so we could play the damn games.

I feels . and depending on the issue at large can take mins to hours. and by hours it’s a huge thing so could last a day unless they have a fast team

Blizzard doesnt even have a working que timer, it dissapears after like 5 minutes making the user go WTF, I need to restart my client again. Endless loop. They wont even let us submit a bug on it cause they give 0 care about the community

Initially disconnecting the game I was playing (Hearthstone), and crashing me back to the launcher.
Eventually, the launcher lost connection to servers and wouldn’y come back online.
I closed and restarted the launcher. It gave me a 30 minute queue. After about 10 minutes the queue closed the window and would not relaunch until I closed it in task manager.
This time it is stuck on the launcher’s logging in. After about 5 minutes of this I once again closed it and relaunched.
15 minute queue this time.

While the failure to connect is understandable, the launcher should not crash simply because it cannot connect. (nor should Hearthstone crash when it gets disconnected)

(back in game - and slightly faster than the 15 minutes. Heres hopin it stays that way)

Yeah, my queue time limit is 12 minutes.