Servers can not handle traffic?

problem seems to be fixed somewhat

uno paga por un servicio eficiente,apenas me conecto como para luego esperar media hora o mas lptm…blizzard estas empezando a decepcionarme!!

Crickets out of Blizzard. A little information, such as what to do when your poorly designed Que timer Gui automatically closes would be nice.

Battlenet app queue doesnt mean anything. Just click ‘go offline’ and it will open. App will still continue to try to connect, but all in all it’s DDOS attack, screwing everyone over in all games

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I take it back ! wow is hella glitchy for me rn

HA! was finally able to get into D3! manually logged in in-game, and had to use manual authenticator but i think it’s starting to actually work

plus most of the support team went on thanksgiving break allowing this to happen and left some rookies in office

They know how trolls act, so why would they announce that their support team would be limited. They basically put a sign on their lawn saying " on vacation all next week. key is under the door mat."

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