SC2 crashes when CUSTOM is clicked

Following a update, I am encountering a persistent crash in StarCraft II when CUSTOM is clicked
The error message displayed is: “An unexpected fatal error occurred” with the error code: 9796EAB3-FD76-448B-9724-E785A39B5623.

Despite attempting several troubleshooting steps, including repairing SC2 via, reinstalling the game, and updating your graphics drivers, the issue persists.

It’s an ongoing problem but there is a work around posted here in the SC2 Official Forums:

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I’ve been having a trouble, i join to Starcraft 2 and when i chose the option to play an arcade battle, starcraft 2 crash, I play in a macbook pro and it has happened 9 times, the error that mention is: 112436-9D44-4EA2-AE60-E6F509A48E90.

If I play anything else, I can do it.


This forum is for technical support on the Battle.Net Launcher; for issues on specific games, you need to use the forums for that game or contact Support directly with a ticket.

The Mac Technical Support forum for Starcraft 2 is here:

You can contact Blizzard Support with a ticket here:

Finally, there is some troubleshooting that you can try here:

Ensure that you select the troubleshooting for Mac; by default, the article opens up with the Windows troubleshooting.

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Repeat Issues with CUSTOM mode in SC2. Open program from any computer click on CUSTOM and get an unexpected error that closes the program. You can work around this Issue sort of by going to campaign mode and clicking custom that is under campain mode this will allow you to choose a custom game and play it but after the game is over is still crashes unexpected error “626F5B02-EA46-4066-90FF-5C97121496A5” . Tech support don’t want to deal with it and say contact Debug. They say contact you… Figure it out guys, WTF this is outragous. happening after last update, before that it was freezing up. The problems seem to be around for hours and then will go away for hours and comes back again.
Clearly a problem because everyone is having the same issue.




The solution that worked for me is to close Starcraft and Blizzard app from the status tray, click Windows Start button, type Age of Empires, and play that instead,


( Playing another game is also a valid alternative :slight_smile: )

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