Workaround for the trolls bringing down arcade

Wow. Mr. Kelthar knows how computers work. Excellent. Please enlighten us with your magnificent knowledge. I’m waiting. You sure know better than Blizzard how this exploit works. What files/services/processes are at risk. Now YOU are literally lying to us and yourself.

I don’t even know how to respond to this nonsense. Long story short:

  • game has been attacked twice by probably same people
  • blizzard did nothing to solve this
  • some people (including me) took measures to stay safe (avoiding custom tab, avoid launching SC2, uninstalling SC2 etc.) and RECOMMEND that safety to others.
  • other people (like you) completely ran rampart and started bashing the other groups for being “paranoid, not knowing how computers work , spreading fearmongering campaing etc.”

Tell who’s autistic here, who spreads misinformation ? Clearly not me. So if you use computer software and that software has been under malicious attacks, you just keep using it or do you wait for CERTAIN actions to take place to ensure that this danger is thwarted ? Please use your brain (or whatever is left from it). Thank you.

This requires launching the map. (And for the map to intentionally be designed to cause problems! Which is explicitly against ToS!)

While, yes, your concern is valid, the galaxy editor lets you do all sorts of things in the name of writing bank files, it also actually has that access restricted- It can only access the SC2 and UserData directories.

This means that about the worst thing it can do is purge your client settings (graphics quality, sound balancing, hotkeys), maybe it can destroy the installation and force you to reinstall it?

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No one disputed that

Okay, now that just confirms your conspiratorial status You have no idea what blizzard is doing, nothing. Period. Youre just one of those who lumps no communication=nothing being done.

Yes, people took measures. However, no, you took a measure AND specifically made the unnecessary recommendation to stay completely away from sc2.

Other groups? I have only been speaking to you and your irresponsible behavior. Jesus, are you capable of not twisting other’s words. Im asking you for real. You don’t seem have any other abilities to deal with counter arguments.

Unbelievable. I NEVER said anyone is autistic. And for misinformation, anything you’ve said outside of the custom tab can freeze/crash the game IS MISINFORMAITON. That’s all that’s known.

What? I said this in reply to another one of your fearmongering post, but Ill put it here too as its relates:

Ever been on the internet? It’s loaded with danger to many different aspects of life. It’s avoided by just not going to those places. But by your logic you shouldn’t be going to the internet at all. so I presume you have a “stay away from the internet” podium as well?

So until the maliciousness that’s all over the internet is fixed, youre staying off it? (Except youre now, so…no?)

Awwww. And now you have to resort to ad hominem. With that, youve effectively killed any credibility you have in the here in the community.

you do realize that blizzard maps in games such as ranked/unranked or single player things such as campaign cant be attacked unless attacked from the source? these are things made with blizzard code, not made in the map generator where you can input your own scrips for things.

Folks, folks, folks.

I’m not really supposed to be speaking about this publicly, but, I think I can keep it appropriate. The morning after the reports started about the “Custom” tab freezing, I reported it to Bliz directly. Based off the investigations of the community, my report included the likelihood of it being an exploit and it identified alleged culprit(s).

The response I got back was that they were already aware and investigating. A little later that day, Bliz asked me for more info to help the process, which I provided. Unfortunately, that’s where my involvement ends so I don’t know where or how it’s progressing. But it’s clear that Bliz cares enough to be watching and jumping on something important like this. Bliz was even on it before I brought it up 12ish hours after the first reports appeared.

Regarding the back and forth going on here:

  1. It’s a common misconception that no communication always means nothing is being done. I’ve seen this in every community/game that I’ve been a part of here. But, that’s not the case. No communication only means the public doesn’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. As far as playing SC2 or not, what one chooses to do in response to all this is their prerogative. However, if people choose to talk about it as well, there must be discretion. The convos should always stick to the known facts, and those facts should be included in any opinions, recommendations, etc. Broad blanket statements that don’t include supporting evidence/proof/facts can result wildcat misinformation.

The work around that the OP is provided does seem legit. It allows players to get into the “Custom” tab and host games by bypassing the “Lobbies” UI. But still be careful whose maps/games you play. Stick to your familiar authors/maps.

Unfortunately, after a custom game, the UI returns to the “Lobbies” tab automatically. So unless people completely close out of the game on the Victory/Defeat screen, they are going to get frozen.

See here for the comprensive work around:


Thank you very much i was literally waiting for this one sentence.

Do whatever you want but be careful. Thank you Leviathan.

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So you made sure to reply directly to me to say that? Interesting seeing your whole campaign hasn’t to be careful with which games are played. Because you’ve been advocating for stopping all sc2 play altogether. Did you forget, or conveniently move the goal post again?

Quit. I’m sick of your antics. You have brain damage/mental issues/insecurities/inferiority complexes. I think at this point 3 year old toddler would understand my whole point. If you cannot do this just go back to grade school. I cannot interprete your blabbering as being anything else other than Trolling at this point (and a good one).

yes i recommended to stay away from SC2 unless the game is patched. Recommendation is not an order (just advice)
I’m done with you. Keep talking to yourself. Not gonna reply to your single comment.


Antics, eh? Says the one who made sure to reply DIRECTLY to a post of mine just to say that… to make sure I saw it. Antics… uh huh.

See, I only go by the words you write here. No antics there. You on the other hand go off of some reality where you can just ignore what people write and replace it with some fantasy that you pull out of no where. It’s all written by you for all to see, you can’t run away from it every time you get cornered. THAT’S antics. But, you’ll ignore that as well, so good luck in your crusade of speculation and misinformation.

And true to form, as we saw you with here AND with wknight


Is there a way to prevent/alter the default to the Lobbies tab upon exiting a match? Thanks for your patience.

Not that I’ve seen. Unfortunately, that seems to be the default screen it returns to.

With that tidbit of info, the work around seems a little less effective. :frowning:

Not ideal, but force closing the game on the Victory/Defeat screen would be needed to avoid the freeze.

Hey mate, thanks for the info.

I doubt it does, but this doesn’t effect the standard 1v1/team games, or coop, right?

EDIT: With some testing, I’ve changed some of the info below.

I don’t know the underlying specifics, but like other people have observed, it seems restricted to the tabs under the “Custom” game mode. I’m inclined to agree with others that it has something to do with the loading of the custom maps’ in those tabs, specifically the maps’ names.
[Above, I removed references to the issue being in the “Lobbies” tab only.]

As for the other main game modes (Campaign, Coop, Versus, Collections), since custom maps’ names don’t appear in any of them, it doesn’t seem to affect any of the other main game modes.

I know it doesn’t affect Coop because I regularly play it, even in the past few days. For the “Versus” mode, I’ll try a few of those options for experiment’s sake.


EDIT: See my “Versus” results below.

Unfortunately yes, the further step for this workaround would be when your game ends to close your sc2 process from task manager before you accept the victory or defeat dialogue. otherwise it freezes up again.

I doubt they’ve gone further than the arcade, as they are on apparently a 7 years long crusade because of the arcade map PARASITE

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So under Versus, I played Training, Versus AI, Teams and 1v1. I also played a Coop while I was at it. They all went to their respective tabs after each game, so none ran into an issue.

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Rename your title thread to Criminals, instead of trolls.

It is criminal act to invade, infect or disable other people’s computers without their consent.

If I went to prison for selling white powder to a few rich middle aged white men on the North Shore of Long Island (which is a consensual act between me and them), he can go to prison to a non-consensual assault of hundreds of thousands people’s property (your computer is your property, and many of the victims are under the age of 18).

“Oh he’s just abusing a security vulnerability,” which is like saying “The tech-guy left your front door open after cleaning your computer, so I walked in and hit it with a sledgehammer, so it’s the tech guy’s fault.”

Throw the book at him

If he’s willing to harm hundreds of thousands of non-consenting people over a balance change to their favorite custom map, what do you think he’d do if something personally sleight him.


lol I live on the north shore of Long Island so what you said checks out :rofl:


As I said in the other thread a virus can be imported in a map like any file. But it cannot be executed from the map or game. Now since downloaded maps are cached in some folder on your drive, idk if anti-virus program can detect a virus that is inside a map. But the problem you are discussing is different type, it isnt a virus file imported. I don’t really enter custom maps on bnet to know or to have this prob. I speak theoretically but to not mud the waters or cause confusion I think this other post may be explaining it well

a detailed explanation:

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I hope you read the whole thread. Since the very start i was concerned about security issues regarding this attack, and some mentally ill people are accusing me of “spreading lies and fearmongering” on this forum. I’m glad Leviathan appeared and clarified certain things.

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