Restricted (Create Game: Q 1700000)


So I logged into a friends Diablo II account to save his characters from being deleted, they had names people wanted and so if they did expire they would be over-written if someone were to take that name.

The first thing I did was try to log into a character that did not need any “refreshing” - I basically wanted to see how his Assassin gear was looking like, after I had not seen it online for a while. So yeah, as you’d imagine I entered the game with the Assassin and went to create game, pressed create and got hit with;

“You are in a queue to create a game: Position in Queue: 17000000”.

And it doesn’t stop there. I decided it was probably just a bug, so I backed out and tried again, greeted with the same message. I backed out fully to the account login page and logged into my own account, and low and behold I’ve also been hit with this huge restriction, for what?

Why have I been restricted for 1700000 / 20days for logging into an account? Why has this now spread to my account? What am I missing here?

Are Blizzard going to refund my gear across three accounts? Are they going to refund the key’s that I had recently bought that they have now seemingly locked for no reason at all? What about my characters that are also facing the threat of being deleted?

First of all you don’t “own” anything on b net according to the EULA blizzard does and they’re not gonna refund you anything you bought a single player game With the option to go online We do not pay for the online services it is offered free by blizzard sick and tired of you millennials and generation Z acting like you’re entitled to everything when you’re not

So when you get restricted for absolutely no reason at all, I’ll sit and laugh at you. You really need to stop using the term millennials when you clearly don’t understand what it means, when you throw it out randomly like that.

I can probably bet I’m actually older than you, kid.