Report on the most players to disobey the ToS

I’m Reporting on behalf of World of Warcraft Server.

Server: MoonGuard
Role: RP
Location: GoldShire
In-position: Lion’s Rest Inn

Reason: Reporting on a players who perform P-HUB… That need to be taken care of… There’s kids playing in the game. It is not properate… And that broke the ToS… This World of Warcraft was suppose to be safety to play. Instead in proper act…

I’m sorry and have to do this…

No one can report on behalf of an entire server, you are not entitled to do so.

Also any report must be done in-game using the proper channels. You are actually breaking the ToS by reporting someone on a public forum outside the game.

Besides this is not even the WoW forum. This is the Blizzard forum and you posted on the API Bug Report category, this has nothing to do with the API.

It is against the ToS to play unless you are 13 and have your parents consent.

I advise you to use the in-game report tools or open up a ticket if you wanna get any official reply to your complain.