Queue for d2r? wtf

you wait you play yay then the game crash and you wait again then crash again then wait wait wait

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I wouldn’t mind queue if we could single player AND keep our place in the queue!


no. 42? haha im still above 300 and been here for almost an hour


Well i was 275 for about 30 mins then i enter the game after the queue and played for A MINUTE to get the message “Lost connection to the serves” and now i’m 350 :rage:

You may be in queue for the void my friend. I just signed 30 mins ago and i’m under 100 in line, however that hasn’t changed the entire half hour.

Joined the queue over an hour ago at 360 something, now I’m in position 113. this is just getting absurd.

How many times have we gone down already? This is unacceptable to say the least for any release.

231 and counting. This is ridiculous .

yeah they can’t fix now you have to wait 100’s inline to even play. Thanks Blizzard for punishing buyers of a overpriced remake of a useless game for your failure

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People having the same struggles as you aren’t your enemy dude. Wth?

Hello i need a refund …i had to wait 3 times in a row in queue to stay in a black screen when i tried to join a game so i had to close the game …

a multi millions compagny cant make a 20 year old + game work …terrible

started at 346, been 25 minutes, at 58 now. This is not a good solution for paying customers.

Absolutely agree! Im #349 and it hasnt moved is 20 mins. Multibillion dollar company that cant seem to afford enough servers to accommodate everyone without queue? BullS%!t !! This is unacceptable! Greedy misguided Blizz for the loss! Get your Sh!T together! Off to play Farcy 6, F this.

So they didn’t fix the crashes but added a queue… I crash to desktop 40 times a day… They just made it 1000 times worst. It’s been a month now what the hell is going on??!

Yeah, I have been 75-90% of the way through the queue three times now. Only to have it result in a crash and starting over each time. lol these boys are dead to me.

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I have been sitting at 263 in queue for the last 20 minutes it does not count down. So this is way Blizzard fixes the problem by limiting the amount of people who can log on. And if that is not bad enough, I regularly get disconnected (not sure way this happens and it happens a lot normally) and having to rejoin? I have played many online games why is it Blizzard just doesn’t understand how to fix their servers.

Blizzard did you buy new servers or we playing on some old left over servers from WOW?

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Let’s assume that botting is back as it was completely out of control in legacy D2LOD right up until D2R launch. We can eliminate a majority if not all bot spammers and mf bots by implementing a simple captcha request when logging in and at the creation of every game. It would be less intrusive and easy for real people to complete.

This would reduce a pretty large number of connections to the server as I’m sure the botters are a pretty significant source of this whole problem already.


Oh yeah. The game crashing every 20 minutes to the desktop doesn’t make the current queue solution very helpful.

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agreed this is bullshyt

yeah this game crashes CONSTANTLY. this is making it unplayable if you have to que again right after crashing