Queue for d2r? wtf

i didnt know there was a queue… wtf lol. crashed now i have to be in a line to log back in


Blizzard’s Post about Server Issues

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yup. woke up, went online, connecting to battle.net number 42 in queue…
I paid money to wait in a virtual line? absolutely unacceptable blizzard. This is where I draw the line. I want a refund.


Same here, my game crashed bc of shi.tty servers I think.
I instantly restarted and was placed in position 93.
My friend and me just wanna kill Baal.
I’m waiting ages to log in.

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Damn Pc player stop crying everytime u just have to wait a bit. Console servers are offline for over 7 hours now!!! not 1 twitter post from blizz about that. at least they try to help if pc players are affected. same with the good update that only got ps5 days ago which made game unplayable because play button didnt work. no post to that too.


I’m fine with a queue if it actually moves. Been stuck in the same position for 15 minutes.

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I think consoles are just left alone in the dark for the time being. As long as pc players can play. There isn’t so much complaint…

Just before midnight on a Saturday night in Australia - PC Player

Game crashed and booted from session with mates

ASIA Server - position 669 in the Queue
US Server - Position 167 in Queue
Europe Server - Position 164 in Queue

12 minute wait and moved 60 positions on US Server
20 min wait moved 151 positions
22 mins and finally back in

I note the Blizzard Post on the creation of the Queue and why (first post below OP) - Just letting you all know how that delay actually maps and looks in real time.

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I’m thinking Blizzard needs to make D2R PC game ONLY! Get these kids off the game thru xbox or ps or whatever they are playing on. The Consoles are F"ing this all up!


My blood pressure be almost as high as my respect for the company 20 years ago. The que doesn’t move this morning and i’m just seeing red. Pull your heads out of you know where and shell out some capital for some decent servers you disgusting bunch of slags.


you should not be “fine” with a queue… you can ultimately do whatever you want but you really should not be ok with a queue.

189 In a queue thats now not moved for 20 minutes, first the servers were crashing every 1-2 hours or so, but now we just can’t play, way way better blizzard, just give us a refund already and stop torturing yourselves and us


go buy a cpu and stop making the gaming companies think multi platform is working, they made their money from cpu gamers and now we just pay for your r+d


I really hope this is only a temporary solution, until you guys fix the root cause of the issue. This is far from a good solution, especially with the game still randomly crashing for a vast amount of people.

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We don’t care about their bullcrap explanation, the patch just made it worst, REFUND


bro you know how many bots used to farm pindle all day/night long, baal bots, chant bots, this isnt new, xboxes and ps are for netflix, the keyboard is the only true gaming controller, enjoy your sweaty hand hash triggers

I just bought the game and installed it. Now I can’t play it. Says I have to login to acknowledge some agreement, but I am like 209 position in the queue. This is annoying. I just wanna play offline. I paid for it. Why can’t I just play it? I dont care about online play.

You can play offline brother, dont have to wait for q offline

No I can’t. I tried. It wont let me in the game. It explicitly says I have to go online before I can play offline. Something about some agreement I must acknowledge.

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I see, you prob just will have to do it one time