PvP leaderboard migration

Hey everyone,

I’m writing this little post about the migration of the PvP ladder endpoint here because it seems I can’t get the class id anymore in it (which I had before, in the old community API).

You can have a look at the screenshot here (you will see the retrieved objects from the leaderboard api call): imgur com/a/GhIggDF (replace the space between ‘imgur’ and ‘com’ by a dot, I can’t make links in my posts, for some reasons)

I guess I could do another call for each retrieved character, and get the class id, but that makes a lot of calls for not a lot of needed information.

What do you think ? Would it be nice to get it back directly into the pvp leaderboard api ?

Take care,

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Indeed, in place of doing one call to get leaderboard would require thousands of calls :frowning:

Also, if I’m not wrong, before it had the weekly stats and doesn’t seem to have anymore.

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