Class/Spec/Race/Gender all missing from PVP Leaderboards

On the old leaderboards api we used to get a huge amount of information around the character on the leaderboard but over the last 2 days they have stopped working. Using the newer api, we only get character id/realm/name

           "character": {
				"name": "Andrxw",
				"id": 194167965,
				"realm": {
					"key": {
						"href": ""
					"id": 57,
					"slug": "illidan"

This seems rediculous as to provide the same level of information I would potentially have to query each player?

Is this correct? Or am I calling the API incorrectly? Currently calling:

EDIT: Realised it’s a duplicate of PvP leaderboard migration
But no response on that

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I know this thread is old but I’m having the same concern right now any news on that ?

No news, the API is working as intended, to fetch additional information for any character you must use the character profile endpoints.