PvP Bracket return previous season data with wrong season id

Hello !

Same problem as previous season. (PvP Bracket return previous season data with wrong season id)

I have an issue about PvP rating provided on the Profile API.

We’re first day on this season 35.

When I get 3v3 data for a player :


I get :

weekly_match_statistics.played => 0
season_match_statistics.played => 559
rating => 2492
season.id => 35

These data are from the previous season, season.id should be 34, not 35.

Could you fix it? Please…

Other example of bugged character:




Hello Krokkete,

Apologies for such a late response. I think I understand the issue you are pointing out… it appears that for a short period of time during season change, character pvp docs will incorrectly increment the season but retain the old season pvp stats. From your observing, do you have a guess as to how long this period of time is? Are old stats retained until a pvp match is played in the current season?

I will try to track this down with the team to see if we can locate the source of the bug.

Thanks for surfacing the issue and apologies for the delay.


this game sucks now you from level 55 to 66 you suffer and you never get any good drop for a specific build , im to the point i am about to give my whole account up there is no reason for playing if i cant advance

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