Profile quest completion list returns incomplete list

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is returning an incomplete list of quests, as of last checking on my character, it was over 1000 quests less than the in game C_QuestLog.GetAllCompletedQuestIDs, this is not an insignificant issue for keeping track of quest completion, as well as the in game API isnt always able to provide details like what the quest is named

The common connection between all of these not showing up in the completed quest list is that in the /data/wow/quest/{questId} these quests all return error 404 not found

Examples by ID:


Bonus objectives:


And many many many more

I know I am not the only one who has had problems with this, It would be greatly appriciated if it could be fixed someday, Happy to provide additional details if needed or more IDs

Thank you :slight_smile:


Have you cross-check these quests on wowhead any quests that are repeatable world quests daily quests weekly quests usually do not show up in the quest complete log or if they do temporarily and then removed

sorry for the delay ulminia

None of these quests are repeatable or world quests etc,

I believe the issue is that these quests are missing from the gamedata namespace, they all return 404 from that,
best guess is that quests that are missing from the gamedata namespace arent showing up in the profile quests completed,

I don’t have an exact number of quests missing, but its a minimum of 5000, this is a very large issue =(

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46810 - To the Forge It Goes… “This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
41786 - Fallen Offerings - same
49864 - Wars on Two Fronts - same

34076 - The Burial Fields - is current
34496 - The Hills of Valuun - current
36811 - Retake Faronaar - current

43342 & 36088 are creature and npc flags and are not part of the normal quest range

i think u will find only quests you can get in game as of now and that can be tracked in your quest log will show on the api is what happening

Thanks for replying again ulminia, Yes i’m aware of all these things,

However I have no reason to think this is intentional,
There are hundreds of other quests that aren’t obtainable anymore that are in the API, as well as tracking quests (All task quests such as bonus objectives and world quests are missing)

As well as removed collectables for other catagorys (such as removed pets, mounts, reputations, titles, achivements) are still in the API,

I suppose that could alternatively be the issue is that the unobtainables for other collectables are showing up when they arent meant too but seeing as quests are the one that doesnt fit the pattern we assumed that was the bug

1467 - removed quest that is in the API
24465 - another
36294 - Tracker quest in the API (flag)

I can get you more examples if needed

It may seem like a small thing to have only part of the total quests in the API but its pretty important for completion trackers that us the API