Problem with warzone in the bnet launcher

I made a new account to bnet so i could download only the br mode becouse i have no hard drive space it was fine it was downloaded and i could press play then i logged into my main account where i have the full version of mw and it started a update for the full game and now the update is stuck on the other account aswell how do i stop the update and just play the br ive tried uninstalling bnet and doing the repair thing please help


Heya Smiley,

The most likely cause for this is some local cache file the app uses to authenticate the purchase from your other account. Lets try this:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Locate any item that says “Blizzard” or “ Agent” and use “End Task” to close them
  3. Uninstall the Blizzard app through Windows Add/Remove program
  4. Use the key command Windows + R at the same time to open the “Run” prompt
  5. In the box, type %ProgramData%
  6. Locate and delete any folder that says Blizzard or
  7. Repeat the process for the following as well:
  8. Empty the recycle bin
  9. From there, lets reinstall

Once you have the app reinstalled, login with any account that does not own Modern Warfare. It should push the free version for Warzone. Just keep in mind it will not be possible to use full features of Modern Warfare without the full version of the game (which requires additional download.) Installing this way would only allow access to the Warzone content.

Before doing this please feel free to copy any friends to a notepad so you can use them on the new account. This will require sending new friend requests to each player.

Hope the info helps! Cheers!


I have tried this but it doesn’t work. Removed everything. Even created a new account. I though this was a stand alone game but why does it require me to reinstall my MW?

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If you play exclusively on the new account with no CoD progress, you can play the free Warzone mode. If you log into your main account with the full license for the game, the app automatically detects that and installs the rest of the data. We can’t really address why that is, since this is just the tech support forums. That just is how it is. If you have feedback for that, your best bet would be to go to the general forums instead.

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I have never been so disappointed in buying a game before. My internet works great for online game play but takes a long time to download anything. I played Warzone just fine already, but the moment I decided to buy the game I was required to download ANOTHER 80 gigs… yes another… why the hell is this game totaled to 190+gigs??

I would like to pause the download and play Warzone… oh wait this is Activision and blizzard… I’m completely locked out until its finished and I’ve tried everything including whats in this post…

Since I played Warzone for several hours already its clearly fully downloaded and functional yet i can’t play it at all until this download completes. The game will not run without the horrible launcher called I guess they think some how I can hack the game unless I’m forced to use the launcher.

Or perhaps its a lame marketing scheme so I can see advertisements and other games available to buy whenever I play one of their games.


I am having the same problem. I had Warzone less than 1GB left to download Warzone when I decided to buy the full game. After the purchase the remaining download amount jumped to 95 GB. How can I play warzone? Can I cancel my purchase so that I dont need to download the 95 GB?

Same problem here and blizzard does not care

Same here need help.

Hello to all !
Same problem here, already played Warzone , just bought MW today and i have to down load the 80 Gigas again . A shame there is no reaction from devs.

Same issue. Already had warzone installed and bought the game since I enjoyed it. Downloading another 90 gigs…

Yeah, this is a huge problem and it needs to be addressed. I bought the game after downloading Warzone and now I can’t play it, even though the game launches perfectly and runs from the files. It won’t connect to Blizzard though. It sucks heavy for me since I actually grabbed the files from my brother because it takes me 3 days to download 90 gigs, and errors frequently cancel my overnight downloads :frowning:

Yeah it literally sucks. WTH Blizzard. Bought modern warfare because I though I had to in order to get all the benefits to warzone. (Which you don’t apparently). Played a little but had to install it on my hdd instead of my ssd. The modern warfare game was just a waste of space so I wanted to remove that part. I tried multiple times but it didn’t work so I asked for a refund like 6 days after purchase with minimal game time and got denied. Can you at least make me waste my money and delete the purchase history because I dont want to have an addition 80gb on it so I can have it on my ssd instead. Man I could have bought an ssd with that money too. I just want it erased, no new account because Ive had this since wow came out first day. BUT PLEASE LET ME REMOVE MODERN WARFARE from my purchases! the worst game I have ever played. God reinstalling like 15 times and downloading takes a couple of hrs each time and can’t make it work. Not surprised though, Blizzard used to be a good company. I’m in quarantine on the 4th week and have at least 3 more to go give a man a freaking break. If you have messed up so much on your part you should at least extend the refund for those who got mislead. All other companies try to provide during these times but these bloodsuckers just keep on sucking.

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My account has no modern warfare. But when i logged in my brother’s account with an owned modern warfare it kept asking me to update the game even when i login into my own account. WHAT DO I DO? I don’t want modern warfare and i only want warzone. I dont wanna reinstall another 80gb because my internet is slow on downloading things.

This doesnt work apparently. It kept asking me to update the game even when i login into an account that doesn’t own modern warfare with a fresh reinstalled I also tried scanning & repairing the game.

ive got the same issue, ive been playing the game fine and when the update has came out today when ive went to update its trying to do the full 83Gb download when i can see i already have the full game ? anyone know the fix for this annoying isnt the word.

With you on the disappointment. I wanted to refund right away after I saw this, and within 10minutes, a refund wasn’t elligible. It seems to be a fault on their side, but not sure that they’re doing anything about it? MW owners before Warzone came out, only had about 20GB of update to download. Rest of us had to donwload full MW game. And with the upgrade to full MW, we have to download it again. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just shrugged at us lower status peeps who don’t have fast or uncapped Internet, and tell us it’s our own problem, and ignore it.

hey blizzard uhm, you should say in the forums for downloading help that ppl can just change the region for download.
i live in norway witch means EU that did not work. so i went on reddit to look for aswears and some dude said that you can just change it from EU to Amerika and that works just fine for me, now Warzone started to downloade XD