Problem with dev error 5476

I have a problem with dev error 5476 and I can’t play warzone by him, every time I press warzone tab, my game crashes.

The things I have tried …

-Change the path of the game folder and reconnect the game.

-Scan and repair

-Reinstall the game

-Delete the MW folder in Documents

-Run BNET and MW as administrator

-Run directly from the game exe

-Other things I don’t remember.


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic (ie, legacy) Games such as Diablo II (2000).

For your issue, you will need to contact Activision Support for help; see the following for details:

Finally, Activision’s Known Issues in Call of Duty Warzone page states that “An issue leading to Dev Error 5476 is under investigation.”.

Good luck with this.