Player identifiers are reusable?

Hi Blizzard,

Your support page, states that:

BattleTags do not need to be unique. You can use any name you want, as long as it follows our Naming Policy. Each BattleTag is assigned a numeric ID to create a unique identifier (for example, FallenSlayer#3592).

Today I ran into what seems to be a duplicate identifier:

  • In Diablo 3 Season 1, rift-barbarian leaderboard, position 945 is held by a player tulio#1716, with accountId = 11379847
  • In Season 24, rift-team-3 board, position 141 is currently held by a player with the same identifier, but the accountId = 581742917

Considering that your API doesn’t provide a way to query a player profile by their accountId, it is now impossible to distinguish which profile is actually returned (or rather, it returns the latter, making the former inaccessible).

I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that AccountId values do not change over time, and that BattleTag identifiers, though changeable, should be globally unique and not reusable. Can you clarify this?

Thanks in advance.

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