Plaguefall is broken and will lock you out

Myself, and a friend have experienced the exact same issue. If you go to plaguefall and walk in the instance you will fall through the world. You won’t be able to login. I had my brother try with a toon he didn’t care about. Same exact thing happened to him. The character unstuck option will not work. You will need to wait for a GM to “refresh you” which currently sits at 24 hrs. Please Blizzard fix that instance. Put out something about it. Seriously


I have 2 characters with the same problem. I have been unable to log into them since the restart yesterday. Please help us out Blizzard!

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yeah, i have my main in there. ive had 2 times ive attempted to get him moved but as soon as i log in after it says he was,i just fall through the floor on load in. how do i get a Gm Refresh?


Fill out a ticket. It was the response my friend got from a GM. This is the response I got.

It’s like Blizzard doesn’t even pretend to care. This is Game Master Llosayar, I wanted to take some time and write to you and let you know I truly appreciate your patience in these times, and I am very sorry for the wait.

In the words of my people, Bal’a dash, malanore.

I absolutely understand how frustrating this can be, and I made sure to review your case in full to get all the details.

So I took out my favorite shovel with the special handle, so I could really dig into things and it seems while the ticket was awaiting a response, you got the issue fixed up on your own!

I am sorry this occurred but I am glad you could get it fixed up!

If you have any other questions or concerns come up, me and my brigade of Game Masters will be here to help! If you are all set, sweet! If you do need more help with this same issue just click on the ticket and reply!

NO IT"S NOT FIXED Didn’t even read my ticket obviously! At least my friend got someone who cared.

--------------------------Four Hours after second ticket---------------------------------
I got a fix response and an acknowledgement that Plaguefall is broken.

Good day to you Matthew! This is Specialist Game Master Nuvradant.

Thanks for taking the time to contact me, I understand that you are getting stuck and disconnecting in Plaguefall. I’ll be happy to look into this for you.

I’ve looked over this and we have received several reports of this. The developers are investigating this to resolve the problem.

In the meanwhile I’ve moved your character back to Stormwind and you should be good to move around. Please avoid Plaguefall for the time being until this is resolved. For further updates, please feel free to post on the World of Warcraft forums: World of Warcraft Forums

I’ll report this problem on my end, but your bug report will better identify what happened in-game. Please take a moment to fill out an in-game bug report so our Dev team can locate and squash it.
You can make a bug report by clicking the red question mark on your hotkey bar. This will open up the Customer Support menu where you’ll see the option to submit a bug. Please note that in-game bug reports do not get a response, but they are investigated.

I apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this has caused. Please let me know if you experience any further problems.

Thank you for your time and patience. Have an Epic day.

Hey there,

This is a known bug that is being investigated. Please refer to the thread below for updates:

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