Phone number problems

I, my son, and my wife all three cannot update our phone numbers on our accounts. This is in preparation for Overwatch 2. All three of us get the text code and when we enter it, we get the message that our phone number is associated to another account.

Anyone else getting this?

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Yes… here:

To be honest… I don’t think there is a lot that can be done on the forums.

Any account issue normally requires a ticket to be resolved… so your wife and son, as well as yourself, will likely each have to send in a ticket (one ticket per account). Use the following link
and fill-in the details as best you can. Use the “Description” box to explain the issue – provide as much details as you can.

The response time for tickets is long at this time… you may have to wait several days for a reply from Blizzard – a week ago, the response time was about 7 days. You will need to be patient.

Good luck with this.

I did submit a ticket already. I was just wondering if it was affecting others.


I had a similar issue with my phone number not being accepted and so I don’t have access to OW. I then realised that since I had moved countries since opening my battlenet account, I had to contact blizzard support and provide them with the appropriate documents so that they could then update my information. I imagine this is the issue that is not allowing the phone number to be accepted. Maybe this is also the case for you?

I haven’t got a response from their support team in two days so I imagine a lot of people are having similar issues. It’s disappointing that they implemented this big change so suddenly on the player base.


The issue I’m facing right now is that I have a really old phone number linked to my account and it is impossible for me to update the phone number without having a code sent to that number for verification… I’ve been waiting for 5 days for a response or help from the support team.

I’m sure they’ll get around to resolving my issue eventually, but I too want to know why they decided to announce this SMS Protect change so close to launch, knowing full well that it was going to cause a lot of problems for the players and the support team. The world may never know…