I can't add phone numbers to account and already in use

Recently since OW2 is coming, I tried to add my phone number to my account. I typed in sms code, But it says it’s in use already. I have never attached this phone number to any other account before, and this is the only account I have been using for 6 years. I have two setup with email as well. Not sure which step goes wrong. My current phone plan is not prepaid, so my only guess is the number have been used a long time ago.

I have created a support ticket in queue, but not sure how long it would take to respond. Since OW 2 will debut in just a few days, I wanted to see if there’s a quick fix.


I’m trying to do the same thing since it’s now a requirement. The problem I’ve had is the “add a phone number” section in my account seems to just not work at all. It says it’s sending an SMS code to my phone for verification, but it never does. I’ve got a post-paid phone, and I’ve actually recently added it to my steam account.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems to be on Blizzard’s end unfortunately. Hopefully they sort it out soon! I’m actually really excited to potentially see less smurf accounts and cheaters, but until it lets me actually add my number, I guess I’ll be spending time elsewhere.


I have the same issue, I get the code they send to my phone. But it says it is already in use. But I haven’t attached it to any account. And since the only way to remove the phone number from the account it is attached to, and I dont know what account that is, I am stuck in a limbo. I have owned that phone number since 2006.


I have the same problem. I own 2 battlenet accounts with games purchased on both. Usually 1 is linked to my console and 1 is linked to my PC. Now I cant play OW2 on my console because the account its attached to requires this stupid phone number. I only have 1 cell phone and 2 accounts and the worst part is i just bought Modern Warfare 2… WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR ALL MY GAMES!!!



I have the exact same issue

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I was able to verify my phone number, but then it just keeps asking me to verify it again


Another player did find a solution that might help others.

********************* SOLUTION ********************

Scan the QR code on TV using your phone and follow that link Blizzard generates for you
Open browser on phone
Follow the steps on Blizzard website

If you added your phone number to another Battle.net account, log in to that account’s Account Details page to remove the number. See this link, This Phone Number is Already in Use on Another Account - Blizzard Support

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thank goodness I’m not alone! i believe that I made only 1 account here so must be a server bug issue since there were so many players trying to get into the new overwatch game as me hopefully it gets fixed soon! i really want to play overwatch again here as it’s been a while

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I tried contact the support and they would help you.

Hi! I also encountered this issue!

How do I know if it’s a bug or not? What if, since phone numbers get re-used, and I only got my phone number a few years ago, there is a chance that my phone number is tied to the account of the phone number’s previous owner?

Same issue here and Blizzard don’t even answer my ticket…Its been 2 days.I give up Blizzard games i think its so annoying


It took me 4 days until their first reply came out. So it might just take a longer time at this particular moment.

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and this is the solution=? this is pure shiet.
FIRST, i dont have and i dont ever never make an activision account.
SECOND, Blizzard confirm how suck in what they do.
THIRD, why there isnt a “restore your password” like?


u want really to play it. But Blizzard idiots, wont :wink:

There is. Use the self help password reset tool on the website here via the ticket system. It should send a reset to your email you have registered on the account.

I also have this issue. AFAIK I don’t have another battlenet account.