Phone number invalid

when i try to register a phone number it says it’s “invalid”. how? it’s not from a different country. it is a US number, i live in the US and it is REQUIRED in order to play certain games. this either needs to be fixed or removed. how do i get around this issue?


Yah its so annoying and no one is responding


Конченная техподдежка. У меня такая же проблема. Как ее решить?

I have the same problem and i have looked at forums. NO BLIZZARD SUPPORT EMPLOYEES HELPING. I was looking forward to playing warzone.


I have same problem. I contacted support and they are very unhelpful. I guess they don’t want people to play the game for free anymore.


Yeah, not sure if they don’t want any more free players or what’s going on. Very annoying and the support is non-existent.


apparently you can’t verify with a prepaid number, which is stupid


it is also happening me and I just got a PC and its pretty freaking upsetting to be honest. they are not helping at all and did not give any helpful information on how to fix it.


yeah it sucks man i try,ed cricket straight talk and boost mobile non of them work its whack like mad players now day use them hope they let pre paid phones work .

BUMP!!! I dont think I should have to switch phones because blizzard says my phone number is invalid. My phone number works with every other platform including my investment accounts… So like. if I can invest with my phone number then I should be able to play a FREE GAME??? I can’t even play MW, it’s troubling. And no i cant get another number, My incoporation is registered to it…

Adding onto this thread because im pissed just like everyone here.
I BEGGED CUSTOMER SUPPORT to flag this to the dev team and he just remained adamant on the fact that its not their issue and they dont have the power to raise the issue. Meanwhile IS ANYONE LOOKING AT THIS FORUM?? You’ve had a massive influx of new users and we’re all turning away because someone didnt update the list of area codes in the backend??? So shameful for a company thats been around for over a decade.

I live in ontario and so far only ONE area code works, when we have over 7 in the region. this is ridiculous, going back to steam, origin, epic games where they dont pull this crap. unacceptable in 2020.


THIS IS A DUMB MECHANIC GET IT OUT!!! cant play the game that was 120gb to download