Phone number "invalid" issue being a complete run around

I have been trying to connect my phone for the last couple days to my Battlenet account so I would have 3 factor authentication but been running into the “invalid phone number” issue constantly.

I have already tried to go through blizz live support and ticket support to have them both say “You must speak with your provider to make sure your number is not a pre paid number and or used as a Voip number and make sure its in the right country listing”

Which all of that is correct, Spoke with my provider who was absolutely bewildered by this issue and confirmed my number is normal month to month service and has not been used as a VOIP number in the past.

This started with me wanting to try the new CoD free BR which lead me to want to make sure I have 3 factor authentication so my account was secure.

when contacting with the support here my only other option is “buy the game” according too the gamemaster I spoke with (which I am not angry with him specifically, (he’s a dude working in the confines of a broken support system) but that is some out right underhanded slimy business practice thats going on.

I refuse to buy a 80 (CAD) game just so I can play what should be free to me like everyone else, not only that I have already wasted 2 hours and money off my internet bill downloading this gigantic program.

what do I do honestly? No other launcher platform has ever had this issue with me, not steam, not origin, not even bloody Uplay. I had kept getting told that “we can’t force a number on there as it is not under our control”, So you’re saying you cannot control your OWN god damn info section of your users if something like being hacked where to happen? Thats a You guys issue, none of it is anyone elses.

Fix your garbage support system Blizz and stop giving us the run around and trying to pass the buck.

I can provide screens of my provider being bewildered if needed. (poor happy the support worker at my provider you did try bud).


I’m having the exact same problem, it says my number is invalid, after waiting for so many hours for the game to download now I have to deal this.


I have the exact same issue. Have you fix it yet?


I have a similar issue, my phone number did work recently for the past year, I decided to attach it to my other account to try and play CoD as it required it. The number decided to say “invalid phone number” constantly, which is weird as it was attached to my account for 12+ months, and now wont attach to my first account.
I was also told to check with my phone provider and see what the issue is with them, to no avail, everything seemed normal, I even went on a few other gaming sites, discord, twitch and Authy, to set up 2FA with the same phone number and it worked. I am receiving the short code messages to be able to log into those accounts. This could be an issue with the provider that blizzard decided to use for this system (as it isn’t even there own system) , I do believe it is TeleSign. as replying to the old blizzard 2FA message numbers i used to get says this company.


I had this issue aswell and got an answer if you have a phone provider such as cricket boost or the other “prepaid” phone companies they do not accept them as valid phone numbers.


HAving the excat same issue my phone isnt a pre pay either


Cricket still isn’t working. I try roughly once a week to see if the issue is fixed to no avail.


Same issue here, been using my cricket phone for everything I needed to do for any authorization mess that needs dealt with. Till now, Blizzard? The crap bro.


This is a disgrace from the side of Blizzard! Something should be done! They are using illegal ways to prevent us from playing a FREE game on their platform!!!

We cannot add our phone numbers because they only accept numbers from the primary provider, and not from a third party provider even if it were postpaid!!! So you need to get a pricier phone number just so you play a free game! What is FREE about that?

We should all let them hear our voice and force them to back off this decision. This is totally unfair and should not be even permitted by a company like Blizzard!!!


This has to be the dumbest thing ever happen.

My country was never changed, not prepaid number and their support and management simply has no dignity in handling this issue.

Such a shame Blizzard. Farewell


It’s November now and I’m having the same issue too. After reading your post, I’d assume it’d be fixed by now but I’m having the same problems months later from your post. I installed the free COD from Blizzard for hours, just to get stopped by a screen to add my number. I have a legit phone, my country is right, and I didn’t add any hyphens, and all I get is “This number is invalid” This is ridiculous. Spent all that time downloading that game, going through a ridiculous support site, all for nothing. This company is trash. It’s been months now and this issue isn’t solved. I’m disappointed Activision (COD) would even partner with this site and have that on the COD site to play on PC, when it doesn’t even work properly! Glad I didn’t buy Cold War yet or I would have wasted $60 dollars.


same issue, invalid phone number


same. what a dogsht company


I can’t play the game just because i cant insert my own phone number…


+1 same issue. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I really dont understand why having a prepaid phone would even matter. the f ed up thing is I don’t have a prepaid phone. my name comes up on the caller id for christs sake. more and more i am seeing that customer service is not even a thing anymore.


Same issue here. Had this phone number for several years. switched to cricket a year ago. Complete BS that this won’t work. Cricket will have no knowledge of what to do here. Come on Blizzard - fix your system!!!


I can’t play due to my phone number not working. I live in New Mexico 505 area 87124 USA i have Cricket can some one get back to me on how to fix this. i down loaded a game i can’t even play :rofl:


It is likely due to how they’re checking if a number is pre-paid, and the way they are tells me whoever designed it is entirely incompetent.

As it also affects numbers ported from the affected providers, not only that, but there is zero way to reliably check if a number is pre-paid or not as it is not information that is disclosed by the service providers.


still not working this is actually the worse love the waste of 60$

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