Pc mw2 beta wont open

I installed the game but it just wont open. It shows in the task manager for couple of seconds and then just closes


Same issue here. Drivers and Windows are up to date. Reinstalled the game to 3 different directories, reinstalled battle net, closed all other applications, ran Battle.net as admin. Scan and repair acts like it finds an update but it doesn’t seem like it actually installs. Check for updates says it’s up to date. Fun stuff.


I’ve tried all of that also and nothing even going windows firewall and allow this game to run and nothing this is really start making me upset about this game


Installed 3 times. “This game cannot be played.”


im having the same problem. I’ve been trying to play for almost 6 hours now. The Modern Warfare 2 beta will not launch. I have uninstalled the beta and reinstalled. I have ran in admin mode. I have switch to the battle.net launch beta. also uninstalled the battle.net launcher multiple times. I have ran numerous scan and repairs on the beta. also clicked “check for updates”. all my system drivers are up to date as well. I’ve even tried switching my region and that dont work either. I’ve even deleted all traces and directories of battle.net and anything call of duty. still nothing. i have a support ticket in its been almost 3 hours and nothing. im so frustrated. everyone of my friends are getting to play but nope not me.


sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh man join the club xD

It wont even let me open vangaurd.


Same here, Win 10, 1080 Ti last drivers. Wont even start the game, crash rigth a way after launch. All other games worka perfect.

I can open modern war 2019 and warzone just can’t open this **** beta

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thats weird im going to try and access warzone

me win 1080 Ti too maybe the problem the driver :sweat_smile:

i have a 3060 and still nothing

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where are the support team why I purchased this game and can’t get any response from them


it has the be on the account side of things, my brother logged into his account that was working with a playable beta on pc and it said this game cannot be played right now. so its not a hardware issue

I told one of my friends to open my account and see if the problem from my account and he open the game smoothly without any problem how you can figure it now if doesn’t a hardware issue?

Pop-Up error: The application has unexpectedly stopped working.

Error Code: 0x00001338 ( 10509 ) N
Signature: A1c0a909-2594FC1C-283A-42E59D4A
Location: 0x00007FF927D14FD0 (12380782 )

Try: Scan And Repair = NOT WORKING, does nothing.
Re-installed and so on.

All other Battle.net games work old Warzone, and Vanquard, no problems.


because i logged into my brothers account on my pc and its working fine. started right up

I have the same but without error codes that weird indeed

How do you even download the beta. I see no option. PC, Paid for fancy edition of game the week it was annouced.

nevermind, figured out the install. Now I hope it works…