Pc mw2 beta wont open

mine is working now?

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When you put in your beta code on the call of duty website they will give you a battle.net code. Copy and paste that code into “redeem code located by hovering over your profile.”
Took me an hour to figure this out, hope it helps you guys and gg’s see you in game.

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what code I purchased the game!!

Same for me the game doesnt open

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Som how we get the exlusive skins, if game is not working and we even payd for this Pre order ? We must get them for “free” if game is not work in 3 days, wehn Bete test ends.

This rewards.

same sheety, 100 euros for nothing. error; 0x00001338 (10509) N.

Do any1 know, if there is same kind of error on Steam version of the game ?

I’m digging from yesterday trying to find a solation and nothing but what I came out with is my pc isn’t the problem the problem from beta files I hope they will do an update today to resolve this issue or I’m requesting a refund, I didn’t gain anything by buying the game for early access and can’t play it for some reason.

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Same, all what i want is the lvl 10 Rewards, and test the game with friends. If i cant get this experience, i will refund aswell.

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Same happens for me. It’s super annoying I get the 0x00001338 error code. I have tried everything you can imagine. I have disabled XPM, I have let it through the firewall manually, reinstalled it, scan and repair, plugged out my 360 controller reciever, installed it on a different ssd. I have done basically everything that there really is to do. There is something Activison or Battle.net based.

if anyone from the support team can answer here it would be great

Since yesterday he couldn’t play the beta due to a super annoying error which is:
ERROR CODE: 0x00001338 (10509) N
SIGNATURE: A1C0A909-2594FC1C-283A168E-42E59D4A
LOCATION: 0X00007FFF526A4FD9 (12480782)
I already reinstalled the graphics card drivers, I already updated Windows, deactivated the antivirus, reinstalled the battlenet from 0 four times, reinstalled the beta about 9 times, run the battlenet in administrator but it didn’t help at all, I tried everything but it didn’t work.

I gave up and requested a refund. Out of curiosity, I tried then purchasing it on steam and had the same issue for those wondering. Refunded there as well.

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Did the reverse of you, started on steam now im here. Same issue cant launch.

guys it doesn’t matter if you have on steam or battle.net our problem here is the beta version can’t work on the pc that we have not meaning the pc is not good but the beta files can’t work on it the solution is they make an update for this *** beta and it will work good.

now I’m seeing many streamers and my friends having a crash also but the can play

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Yeah, I’ve been having problems too. It’s scanning and repairing because it can read a file correctly (or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work). I’m just not sure if it’s a RAM issue for everyone’s PC, who is trying to play the game through Battle.net or if it’s the files themselves, but I ran the game on the same account on a different PC and it was fine. No scan & repair BS. So I’m thinking it’s a file issue or RAM issue at this point.

can you tell what was the PC spec differences ? DDR3, 4 or 5? what Graph card´s ?

i haven’t even gotten as far as installing the game files. the beta does not appear in battlenet after pre purchasing. very frustrating

My pc
Intel xeon x5690 3.4 ghz
Ram ddr3 64 Gb
Gpu 1080 Ti

I can run cod 2019 and warzone without any problems

i5-12600k 3.7 ghz
DDR4 32 GB
2070 Super

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