Overwatch 2 fps drop

i am since the release of overwatch 2 having bugs i’ve never seen in the normal overwatch, i just want to play the game like i always have but it is completely unplayable. i was playing overwatch on ultra with my gtx 1080 and now what i experience is basically drastic fps drops from 60 to 20 even at the minimum and out of nothing the game just freezes, it has already passed two updates and nothing improved. i just want to play my game of always for god’s sake, it’s no use to put it to the minimum or anything, a game that my pc runs on ultra dropping 40 fps and freezing at minimum, let’s fix it there blizzard my god in heaven me i just want to play good, i’m still taking punishment for falling out of the match and i’m forced to quit because my game frozen completely.

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