Option to change back to previous Battle.net app UI

Is there a way to change back to the previous list style UI? It was so much cleaner and efficient.


If you are one who has had the new release pushed out to you, there isn’t a way to go back. Over the next several weeks, it will be rolled out to everyone and the old version will be officially retired.

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I did appreciate having the chats integrated as a tab, Facebook fullscreen style rather than having a window pop out! And the game background art was also a lot more prominent (and feel more reactive) rather than the dark generic background. Old version also had neat clean border effects rather than the mushy ones now.

I do like being able to hide games in the new launcher, and the long social panel to the right side (although the current dropdown is pretty good, even if the text/proportions were a little small compared to the beta’s enlarged text).

But anyway, counterpart to Leviathan, if you are on beta, check your settings -> beta tab, you might be able to “go back” to the old version for a little while.


Well that’s just a lot of garbage. This new UI is boring with no style whatsoever. It REEKS of corporate minimalism. Save that diarrhea for the damn tech companies, not games. The old launcher had character. Literally! When I opened it up I was met with Bolvar Fordragon ready to invite me back into the Shadowlands. Now I get your stupid store grubbing for my money yet again. I already pay you, stop desperately reaching into my wallet like the greedy little acti-slaves you’ve become.


I’m not a Bliz employee.

Having cleared that up, you’ve just described the sole purpose of for-profit business, Blizzard, Activision, or otherwise.

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Sorry, but I have to agree with the complaints. There was 0 forethought put into a jarring change like this. As an example, why is it that I must have the “Friends” tab open at all times? Not to mention I now have advertisements for games I care nothing about on what is supposed to the home-screen for the game I am interested in. Sorry to say it but Activision and their blatant ignorance/lack of caring about their customer base strikes again… Oh well, back to manual logins and never utilizing this launcher again… So sad, Blizzard used to actually care about their customers/players. Chalk another one up to publicly traded companies ruining anything decent.


Yet another way Blizzard makes a change without consulting any of the players that are actually using the battle net app.

I have half a mind to just open the games old school, and remove the bnet app completely, by just opening my wow game from my desktop shortcut.

You could have at least made it so, that the new version, changes the way everything looks, but also acts like a “theme”, allowing you to switch to the OLD “theme”. While also allowing other people to build their own “theme” of the battle.net app launcher, thus creating a new community of people that make their own beautiful designs.


new app ist very bad designed. looks for me as a copy of yahoo,com …useless stuff everywhere in the same grid. instead copying from google they prefer to copy from losers. really sad.


For some reason after the new UI update my Cold War FPS has dropped from 120fps to 20-30fps. There is nothing wrong with the old Ui, this one is a pig!!! System i9 32gig, RTX2060


It wasn’t broken before, and thus it didn’t need to be fixed.
The old interface was fine, neat and clean.

Stop changing UI’s just for the sake of change. It’s not an upgrade. FFS, just give us at least the option to opt out. MAKE YOUR WONDERFUL and NEW UI’s, but let me opt out. That’s all I ask.


I personally quite like it. The new UI seems more streamlined and being able to have a favourites tab helps out instead of just having a bunch of obnoxious spots for cod games I’m never going to buy like in the original.

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Streamlined more now versus the old? I would love to know the basis for that opinion given the relocation of buttons to interact between selecting games and clicking play are further apart lol


It’s garbage, I just uninstalled the BS and opened games manually. Hopefully they get the hint and give us a chance to customize it or just flat out give the option to use the old one again.


This is seriously too much. you are literally doing a ‘‘Riot Games’’ one of the worst companies out there. (to not mention Activision) changing just for the sake of change. making everyone hate you and destroying what you stand for!
and I for once thought you actually were the good guys that cared about your


he has. but he has also described what a bad company looks like. one that will die within the next 10 years.


the new launcher is really bad everything is harder to find and it’s just boring and badly designed and I have autism I don’t like new things getting forced on me I want the choice to use the old launcher as you can see many other people wants too so why not make everyone happy and make it a choice the new launcher is so bad that until the old comes back I won’t be using any money on blizzard and you know how things are if 1 person leaves the friends of that person mostly just leaves too


really sad they do what nobody asks for and ignores what we actually want… seems they don’t value customers these days more and more, I mostly just click “play” and don’t care but this seems to bother me somehow, I don’t want to have friends tab all-time open, I don’t want to have chat in ANOTHER window and actually now I’m even forced to wait few sec till all this unnecessary sh*t load up when start the app itself :smiley: this is ridiculous, I’m really considering uninstalling the client after all these years… might not be able to chat with friends besides the game but this is just not worth using anymore it’s rather annoying and not useful at all… thanks blizz


there was NOTHING wrong with the old UI on the old program. This was a complete slap in the face to all of us who were TOTALLY fine with the old ways. Listen, I understand you guys, and other gaming companies, cant come up with anything new in the past 3 years or so…and things have gone to crap, but at least TRY to keep people happy instead of doing useless changes and “overhauls” that dont really do anything. so you can keep on stringing people along and make it LOOK LIKE you are doing “new things” when in reality…you arent doing ANYTHING.

you took away the ability to make the friends list detachable , so i can have it up on my second or third monitor like i did for the LAST 10 YEARS!!! and you made everything disgustingly bigger like we are all 80 year grandmas with eye sight issues.

I’m gonna uninstall the app. you guys can shove it. ive been a loyal fan of yours since wow came out but now…this is going too far. unsubbing…screw you


Hey, I was curious about how could I go back to the classic battle.net style because I started lagging in Overwatch when they changed it. So I’m sorry to hear that I can’t. Anyways, I guess I’ll leave Overwatch until they fix the god damn client. Also it looks horrible and I don’t understand why did they have to do this.
Please explain if you can.

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Just installed the new Call of Duty ‘Cold War’. After 10 minutes i became litteraly sick from the battle.net desktop app. The layout was so full with advertisments. I could not even remove the friends tab, better saying: i can not change any layout.

To blizzard: It would be nice to let your customers have a custom layout. The layout how it is right now, is -straight forward- ugly and badly designed.

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