'Oops something went wrong' mobile app

I’m getting the error message ‘oops something went wrong’ everytime I try to log into the mobile app I have tried both over wifi and cell data


Me too. I’ve tried uninstalling, clearing cache, clearing data, rebooting multiple times, checked for any apps blocking and nothing…can access battle.net via web browser.


I am having the same issue… it started at about 3am this morning. Reinstalling or clearing or rebooting has not solved this issue


Same exact problem started around same time.


Thank you for the report, we’re currently looking into the issue and you can track any updates we provide in the pinned post on the forums.


I have the same issue. I have tried at 3 different wifi locations. Tried using just my mobile data. Same “Oops! Something went wrong.” Error. I am on a Samsung Note 9 device.

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Same for me any new update?

Their is an app update is now live on the Google Play Store. Please download the update to resolve the issue.

You will also be happy to hear that this release includes Battle.net Groups! We will be sending out an update early next week to announce the feature officially.

Just uninstalled ans reinstalled still having same problem ill try again tomorrow

Any updates for iOS side? thx

The app is still not working

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For some reason my post was marked as resolved when it is not. There was no update on the play store and the issue still persists

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I have not been able to log in all day. I even uninstalled and reinstalled, followed all the clear cache and other ts steps. Getting the same problem on a Galaxy S10+

There’s no update in the play store that shows up to be able to resolve this. The issue is not fixed on the latest version.

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I can’t log in, neither from my app in iOS or my console PS5, does anyone know what to do? I already did the “logout from all devices” option and it is the same everywhere!

It’s 2023… same issue.
Cleared cache and data.
Uninstall reinstall.
No app updates.
Can’t log in.


Same thing here not working at all

Recently started having the same problems I tried resolving the issue but nothing seems to work


Login on Battle.net app
Switch to Authenticator app
Click on Approve
Switch back to battle.net app
“Hmm… something went wrong”

Is the Android app ever going to be fixed?

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And here I was hoping this was fixed now that they are forcing the Authenticator users to use the Battle.net app again.
I went to log in, allowed the login on my authenticator, and now the battle.net login just sits there continuously loading.
At this rate I may have to unlink an authenticator, much as I hate to, if I can’t use the battle.net app then I wouldn’t be able to get to the authenticator anyway.