Old Phone number is gone. Can't access account

I see a number of people with the same problem here. I haven’t touched my blizzard account in years, and I have switched phone numbers since the last time. I sent in a ticket to try and unlock the authenticator and/or change phone numbers so I could access the account, and the GM told me to reply to ticket with requested information. The issue is because I don’t have the authenticator or the old phone number, I am unable to even reply to the ticket. I sent in additional tickets asking for help and in the latest one, I even attached information to confirm my identification. I have yet to receive a response and was hoping to resolve this ASAP. I have the requested information, I just need someone to be able to see it. I am currently posting from an alt account.

The wait time is currently really bad with Wrath and OW2 launch.

It is around a week for tickets. Hopefully if you have your Govt Issued ID sent they can remove the old Auth and phone number for you and allow you to update the account.

Thank you for the response. I already had a GM respond to my first ticket. Although I was not able to respond to it directly due to not have access to my account. I made this account and then made another ticket referencing the first ticket response. I also added additional information along with a government issued-id. I was wondering if this would make this process any faster seeing as I have added information AND a reference to a ticket that has already been responded to.

If you had been able to re-open the previous ticket, it puts you in a shorter queue. If you open a new one, sadly it puts you back a ways.

The good news is that account access has higher priority than say… “not listed here”.

They discuss this on the WoW CS forum.

I see. I know this probably dumb question, but I guess I’m out of ideas at this point. Is there anyway to access that ticket, if I can’t get into the account or do I just have no choice but to wait?

Same here; Alt account just to be on here here but is so annoying to make another ticket in order to send them the requested info from a separate ticket to remove the Authenticator.

I just did the same steps as you today and its very inefficient and frustrating…

Hopefully they unlock it by answering most of the questions as i didnt blindly send in an ID on a new ticket.

Good luck!