Ocsp-***.bmime file not present in cache folder

I installed Wrath of the Lich King classic, and the game downloads to a playable 99%, however then I re-enter Battle.net launcher, it tries to update the game, and then sits showing initialising 14% under the play button.
I looked in the Agent.8012/Logs directory for the bc - update log it is showing a number of errors and warnings prior to the agent crashing and restarting.
There is no error dialog to report this through so I have include the last few entries in the file prior to crashing:

[E 2022-09-20 13:49:08.0531] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\patch\patch_manifest_binary_reader.cpp:117] Cannot open scanner to uninitialized patch manifest.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:08.0631] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\download\cdn_key_resolver.cpp:743] Server 'level3.blizzard.com' | Address[0] ''.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:08.0632] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\download\cdn_key_resolver.cpp:743] Server 'level3.blizzard.com' | Address[1] ''.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:08.0632] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\download\cdn_key_resolver.cpp:743] Server 'level3.blizzard.com' | Address[2] ''.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:08.0635] [casc][d:\package_cache\casc\1.4.36\src\dynamic\index_tables.cpp:150] Scanning for KMT sequence numbers.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:09.0065] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\download\cdn_index_set.cpp:606] Constructing the data group CDN index.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:09.0066] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\download\cdn_index_set.cpp:606] Constructing the patch group CDN index.
[I 2022-09-20 13:49:09.0294] [tact][d:\package_cache\tact\3.6.8\src\async_state\async_initialize_dynamic_state.cpp:846] Root manifest was not defined. No root manifest will be loaded.

This particular Win 10 drive is not one I use frequently (it is not a VM, it is on an old ssd I use for testing OC on my computer), and has not been updated since April. While completing the update for Win 10, I also had battle.net running and observed that the agent sleeping error occurred frequently when starting battle.net.
I then observed in the ProgramData/Battle.net/Agent/data/cache folder that 2 files continued to be created and deleted every few seconds (they were cert*** files). Aside from a few directories, there were no other files present. I had World of Warcraft Shadowlands and WOW PTR that I added to this Battle.net prior to observing this as my old WoW drive is no longer in this computer. Unlike before, I did not get errors and all 3 updated successfully.

To replicate the behaviour on Windows 10 with Agent.exe 8012 installed (beta or latest battle.net) rename battle.net folder in ProgramData to anything, and start Battle.net. You will be prompted to install a game when it launches. Click the locate game button (or from Settings->downloads->Scan for Games->Locate) and navigate to your existing folder (World of Warcraft for this computer and also replicated on a new Win 10 VM) and add it. The data/cache folder with slowly add new folders but the 2 cert files will continue flashing. From your saved Battle.net folder, copy ocsp-***0.bmime from the cache folder to the same location in the new cache folder. This stops the flashing, and the directory then adds a range of .bmime files including cert-782a8a710b950421127250a3e91b751ca356e202-0.bmime and cert-b76ba2eaa8aa848c79eab4da0f98b2c59576b9f4-0.bmime which were the 2 file names flashing earlier.

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