Last update completely breaks wine compatibility

How do you set that runner or get it to wine-GEproton-7-19?

+1 for Bliz to respond. Literally the only reason I subbed back to wow. Thanks for the community here for trying to come up with workarounds though.


Nope. Does not work for Hearthstone. I see HS opening screen, then it closes and tries itself to open launcher (which fails) … apparently for necessary update reasons.


  • Change to 5.7 to download wotlk classic, it may spend some time initializing;
  • Close and change to new version to play the game, 5.7 crashed when I launched wow;

Tested yesterday, agent 8012.

Tip: close bnet after launch, it will crash and freeze your game with time due to agent crashes I guess.

Not sure this is an Activision problem, same thing happened some time ago with EVE and it was wine fault. So hold your horses.

You can install BattleNet in different prefixes, and symlink the same instances of your game to every one of them. So you can test different things without having to download your game all the time.

This could theoretically be related, but I’m not sure: missing directory and dll - #5 by Waldelb-2319

This might as well be related: Agent.exe 8012 crashes trying to update WoW games

This is definitely the same bug (remove the space): bugs.winehq .org/show_bug.cgi?id=53697

lutris wine 5.7-11 actually works fine. but world of warcraft crashes with that version. in lutris, right click on your and click duplicate. this makes a copy of the prefix. use this duplicate to launch world of warcraft by going into configuration and changing the executable line to wow(classic).exe and have it use a new version of wine. while keeping the original prefix for using lutris wine 5.7-11. that way you can update and update your games and use the secondary prefix just for the game (WoW).

the fact it works with wine 5.7-11 is a good sign its a wine problem. since it works with 5.7-11, it should help the wine developers figure out what’s wrong, what broke that didn’t appear until the newer update with current wine versions.

though i would like to say, seeing all the replies to this thread, its awesome seeing all the linux users who enjoy blizzard games.


Would like to add, I saw the error message in debug log (this is with Agent 8012) about BMIME_E_IO_ERRORS

2022-09-20T21:43:06 {2c4} [DEBUG] - >> Start to download 'v1/certs/782a8a710b950421127250a3e91b751ca356e202'
2022-09-20T21:43:06 {2c4} [DEBUG] - >> Downloaded BMIME(2855 bytes)
2022-09-20T21:43:06 {2c4} [DEBUG] - Failed to find file 'C:/ProgramData/'
2022-09-20T21:43:06 {2c4} [DEBUG] - Failed to load BMIME at C:/ProgramData/ BMIME_E_IO_ERROR

and I do in fact see bmime files appearing in that directory, they appear intact (a few lines of headers, a PGP-style block, and an additional couple checksums at the bottom.)

I saw wine-7.5 had some OCSP-related changes, switched over from wine-stable (7.0) to wine-devel (7.17) and it behaves the same.

I wonder if there’s a race condition, like for some reason it’s trying to verify the file before the downloader completes writing it.


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This seems to work, however the updating still seems to get stuck at 0%. Is this what you are seeing as well. It definitely works better with 5.7-11 and at least you can get the update to seemingly start.

The app probably doesn’t depend on Crypt32 for OCSP decoding, so the wine version doesn’t make a difference.

782a8a710b950421127250a3e91b751ca356e202 is Blizzard’s cert. With an older Agent before 18 Sep, a successful ocsp query produces ocsp-782a8a*-0.bmime (filename snipped in the middle because forum doesn’t like it)

b76ba2eaa8aa848c79eab4da0f98b2c59576b9f4 is the CA cert used to sign 782a8a710b950421127250a3e91b751ca356e202 and the OCSP response. Without that the app cannot verify either the Blizzard cert or the OCSP response.

Race condition sounds plausible. Perhaps the app tries to download both certs at the same time and starts attempting to verify the Blizzard cert before the DigiCert cert finished downloading. If there is a way to prevent files from being deleted in this folder we might get some progress after a retry.

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Yo Im just adding my voice aswell would like to see blizzard offer some help with this, but love seeing the blizzard linux community in full force!

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You can use ProtonUp-QT to install different wine/proton versions and then after installing bnet with Lutris you go to configure->runner options and select there the wine version you just installed.

Until I got a Steam Deck I had no reason to game on Linux. Really frustrating that this issue was non-existent for all these months Decks were shipping out, then just 1 week after I get one, with D2R up and running, this happens.

Two runs of Chaos Sanctuary on wind druid was all I had time for during that week. I just want portable offline save files that I can transfer between pc and couch diablo. X(

That’s actually a great idea. You can even symlink the game to the second prefix, and disable the updates in the one where you want to play the game. So you can start it from battlenet without having to log in manually.

However, this is not working for me. 5.7-11 gives me the exact same problems as every other version. There is a button “update” and it’s just looping at 0% “initializing” forever.

What is working for me, is a completely new prefix, with 7.7-2. It doesn’t attempt to update anything there, so I can play the game. No idea why. It’s the same game version, that I symlinked to every prefix. This might stop working on the next update, though.

In case nothing else works, I would start a VM, and share the game folder with it. So I can update the game from within the VM, and then start the game from Lutris.

I know i posted one workaround but shock horror this has since stopped working.

My new workaround is a lot less intrusive, however, it does require a windows machine with and your game of choice installed.

  • Enable ssh on your deck
  • Install and WoW on your windows machine
  • then copy the whole thing using WinSCP to your deck
  • add the direct Wow.exe as a non steam game

The game works.

I tested this with WoTLK yesterday. My steam deck version wasn’t updating, and I couldn’t launch the WoWclassic.exe file because the game required an update. Followed the steps above to copy the updated version, now it works again.

Only took an hour to transfer as well. So not a bad workaround until it gets fixed

when i say get fixed, this won’t come from blizzard :slight_smile: on paper, they don’t support linux, so this isn’t a bug. Yes, it’s inconvenient and annoying, but this is actually a bug with wine. Which i believe they are looking into. So please stop with asking blizzard to fix this. Its not their fault :slight_smile: for once! Haha

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It is not confirmed that it is a bug in Wine.
bugs.winehq .org/show_bug.cgi?id=53697#c36


I was probably too harsh saying “it is a bug with wine” its more that the current wine versions just aren’t compatible anymore. My point was to those pointing the fingers at blizzard :slight_smile:

If the platform is not supported, then for the developer, its not an issue and therefore doesn’t warrant a fix from their side.

Apologies for coming in too hard!

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Nearly lost around a week of sub, I know they don’t support Linux, but please do help, there are a lot of us on this post alone

You can get WoW to work using the work around of getting the files off a PC with Windows and transferring them to the deck(if you don’t already have them or an update happens). Then just add the direct exe to the game through steam with compatibility. I’ve been playing everyday still since the launcher has been down.

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I was able to fresh install the Game using on Lutris (not the World of Warcraft installer, the installer). The launcher installer got to 100%, then stuck at 0% however I hit cancel and it finished installing anyway. At that point I installed World of Warcraft, and after a few minutes of required files I was able to log in and play.

This is using lutris-7.2.2 (the default from the installer) and no custom options. Hardware specs below for debugging.

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Kernel: 6.0.0-1-MANJARO
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (32) @ 3.400GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 6900 XT
Memory: 15606MiB / 64228MiB