OAuth API not working when 3'rd party access is not granted

The OAuth API is not working if the user has not yet granted 3’rd party access to an app.

Our application is using Blizzard Oauth to verify a user and get the user’s BattleTag. Everything works fine if the user previously granted our third party app access to their Battle.net account, but if not, then he/she is redirected to a page giving a 404 error.

After the user enters their username and password, they get a prompt saying “Permission Required”. See image below.
h ttps://imgur.com/a/tubJWl5

Upon clicking on “Go to Battle.net Account Management”, they are redirected to
h ttps://oauth.battle.net/oauth/management/settings/privacy-options which gives a 404 http error.

This leaves the user in a situation where they cannot use our app, since they cannot go past the step where they grant access to the app.

Any information on what’s going on? Thanks in advance.