New API: Achievement total_points is reporting wrong number

Hello! I am currently working on updating my web site to use the new Profile APIs instead of the old Community APIs. I am running into many issues.

The new achievements API returns a total_points field. This field used to work fine, but recently it seems that it is reporting a much lower number than it should. I assume it is now reporting the character-specific number of points, and is missing out on any points earned through account-wide achievements.

Note that the old API is still reporting the correct number.


  • /profile/wow/character/drenden/shoogen/achievements?namespace=profile-us
  • Notice total_points=28120
  • However, I have 32225 points, and the old API does show this


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First off… 32,225 achievement points… wow! That puts you higher than any character in my database, although maybe that’s partly for the same reasons you mention :wink:

Confirming your report via my considerably more modest achievement profile on blades-edge/brialam:

In-Game Character Only Achievements option: not checked
In-Game Achievements Panel: 18,855 points
in-Game Guild Roster: 13,670 points
old community api: 18,910 points
profile/wow/character/achievements: 13,670
profile/wow/character: 13,670

I like that the new APIs are at least matching one part of the in-game display, although I think that guild roster column is pretty obscure and many players may have never noticed it.

As a player I’d prefer if everything matched the main part of the in-game display, the score prominently featured on the achievements panel.

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This inconsistency will be resolved with our next API release. For more information, check out the patch notes here and further discussion here.

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Araspir - Thank you very much for fixing my bug report, and especially thank you for following up and providing patch notes and just overall helpful communications. It is greatly appreciated!

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