Net::OpenTimeout: Net::OpenTimeout

I feel like no matter how much I throttle my requests I hit this error: Net::OpenTimeout: Net::OpenTimeout.

This is what my request looks like. Is there something I can do so I can stop timing out? My client has an open timeout of 500 milliseconds. I’ve also put it all the way up to 60 seconds. No matter what I am getting timed out. Can someone please help me with this please?

SOULTION: If anyone else runs into this, the fix is to rescue the timeout, in ruby, you would do this with a begin rescue block.

class PartyClient
    include HTTParty
    open_timeout 0.5
      url = "{character.realm.downcase}/#{}/equipment?namespace=profile-us&locale=en_US"
      uri = URI.parse(url)
      response = PartyClient.get(uri, headers: {Authorization: "bearer #{@character_token}", Connection: 'close'})
    rescue URI::InvalidURIError
      puts 'woops'

Some of those errors seems to be on the API side like discussed in this topic.

If you are receiving 100% of timeouts you might wanna try this gem just to see if it changes anything: Community Created Libraries & Resources - #3 by Schiller-1822