My Wrongfull ban

My account just got banned for using a hack program. This is a false accusation all I did was spend a few days farming mats so I could level professions and they are saying I was using a bot/hack program to do this. I was on discord with friends most of the time I was doing this and back when I played, lich king and bc mainly, I did this a lot just so I would have mats to make stuff. They are saying that I can not get my account back through support. I want a refund for the game if I am not allowed to play it do to an automated algorithm saying I am a bot.

You are posting on the Warcraft II strategy game forum.

If you have questions about World of Warcraft and how to appeal you would post on the WoW Customer Support forum. That is an information desk that can help guide you through the Support system, answer questions on policies, etc. They are NOT GMs and can not reverse an account action. They can help with the appeal process though by providing info.

Here is the general appeal info for you.

As for a refund, the policy allows refunds within 14 days of purchase and less than 2 hours of play time. Account actions make an account ineligible for a refund.

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Thanks sorry I posted in the wrong area but they cant help and neither can gms bot army got me and I wont be back. I believe that the person/people that bot the area I got mats reported me in mass.

If they are bots they are not targeting and reporting you. That would take someone actively controlling a character.

Further, it does not matter how many people report you, that does not result in an automatic account action (other than a chat squelch for some chat violations). It results in the Hacks team reviewing your account. A ban is handed out after a decision was made on reports - if that was what did it. Unlikely.

In the case of detecting third party software, that is far more likely to be Blizzard anti cheat system picked up suspicious activity on your account and you were banned in a ban wave along with others who were using the same type of things.

Keep in mind, Blizzard does not allow ANY automation at all. Not even macros for rotations. If you can’t do something with the in-game controls yourself, don’t try to do it with outside software or hardware. Not saying you did, but just giving you the info.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to this yet again! My account has been unbanned after a long ticket process that was not productive until I put a ticket in asking for money back. I have only ever used addons from curseforge and ingame stuff no automation of any kind and feel that if anything like this happens again I will run from Blizzard with as many people as I can carry. Thanks again for the information but if you are correct then there is some major problems with their cheating system seeming how I was told by one GM, mind you in an automated response, that it was from being reported by fellow players so either there are some bad apples out there that dont want to share nods or the bot army has found a way to get innocent people in trouble, just going from my experience knowing that I was inside the game rules the entire time I was farming mats. I take pride as a gamer and crafter to do it the right way, Old school farmer here. Only Plus I am taking from all this is I am so Automatic that Blizzard thinks I am a bot lol.