Modern Warfare - Server Disconnected

For 2 weeks, there are times that i can play and there will be times that i simply cannot. I get errors of “Server Disconnect” but i am not even having issues with other online games on other platforms (steam, Origin…)


Got same issue here; error code BLZBNTBGS000003F8

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I will be in the middle of a game,and for no reason it’ll close the 3-5 min into the’ll freez for a sec,then…just close and all i’ll see is the battlenet didn’t start happening until season 2 was down loaded.guys! come on please fix windows is up to date,and comp is only 2 yrs old,with a nvidia 1060 gtx. it plays battlefield 5 and need for speed heat with no problem,so I know its the new c.o.d update.makes me not want to play anymore if it keeps crashing!


Hello, tonight have the same problem, i cannot connect to online services.
Is that normal ?

Having video glitch/lockup issue.

For Bliizzard? Yes, that is normal.

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Blizzard, many players including myself purchased MW to be able to play online. In the last 3 weeks I wasn`t able to play online more the 5 minutes due to the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error. I did try all the DIY options were mentioned on the internet, nothing works! The internet forums make it clear that Blizzard is struggling to address this issue since 2018. Stop the technical BS regarding the users systems! I’m able to run stable network for hours on; Escape From Tarkov, CSGO, Division 2, Wildlands and Insurgency Sandstorm without doing any changes of my network settings or drivers. You are selling a broken product! I need a refund and this was probably the last time I purchased a Blizzard/Activision product. Contact me ASAP to arrange refund please!


I haven’t been able to play any part of the Modern Warfare since the release of warzone. It is very frustrating considering I paid over 60 dollars for the game, but due to your limited server capacity I get booted anytime I try to start up the game. You would think Blizzard would at least give some priority to those that actually cared enough to buy the full game, but instead they show they have no interest and deliver a sham of a product.

Yet another day where I will not be able to play the game I paid 60 dollars for, and another day I will have no idea if this problem will ever be addressed…


I get this error code consistently, usually around 2 hours of play time. its ridiculous.


Did anyone solve this issue because i still have it

Same issue. I’ll be 6 or 7 circles into a Warzone game and then right after my my squad and I win a team fight - BAM, disconnected from Blizzard servers… Been happening for over a month now to no resolve. Not my PC, not my internet, not my NAT type or firewall settings,… Atleast give the option to rejoin the game if you’ve disconnected if you can’t resolve the TRUE issue

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Since the launch of Warzone, Multiplayer has become almost unplayable. (Based in Northern Europe.) I keep getting kicked out with BLZBNTBGS000003F8 several times a day, seems especially bad in the evening. Everything was fine since December up until a few weeks ago. Nothing has changed in my system or connection. Have tried DIY solutions, but looks it’s not just me.

The steps in this post solved my problem. Several games now without disconnects. -> Error: BLZBNTBGS000003F8

I’m having the same problem for more than 3 weeks now… tried all the online DIY fixes but nothing is working, all my other online games seems to be working fine except my COD… I really do hope you guys are working on this issue it’s frustrating to see your friends can play on Pc but you can’t

Same here like 20 time in one day…MY GOD…150 BRL in this game…

First time it started happening to me as well, ever since the 28th of April update, this is unacceptable, we paid for this game and we can’t even access the Campaign, they fix one thing and break another apparently, this needs to be fixed, NOW.

With the 28/04 (My Birthday) update I needed to add an exception for Blizzard and MW again for my firewall.


I added MW and Blizzard to my firewall exception list. Still not working.
Even disabled my firewall.



Downloaded the game and cant even get past the settings in the menu screen. got the Server disconnected message. So god damn angry with this game right now as there seems to be no solutions. I have reset and changed all the firewall settings and even uninstalled my anti virus software. Still Not working

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