Modern Warfare and Scan & Repair issues

It is well known that MW has many issues and bug including crashes, errors and etc.
One being “disc read error” where it seems certain files are corrupted/missing, The Scan & Repair option does nothing and is utterly useless right now.
The only fix mentioned so far is a reinstall but not everyone has the luxury of being able to download 130+ GB again.

Is this issue regarding the Scan & Repair tool being investigated so it can fix these things?


IM having issues with it too, the app wont even update the game. It scans for updates but says im up to date so i cant even play the game because im not the on the most recent update.

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Bumping as this is still an unresolved issue.

Bump, game crashing at start, getting error BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 everytime i try to verify


Looks like we have to download again. Download over the night

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It does appear that scan and repair is not working properly. I had the disk error crash “mp_donetsk.ff”, so I deleted the corresponding file in the ‘main’ folder. I then did scan and repair and it found no errors, and did not replace the missing file. So now I’m forced to uninstall and spend an entire night re-downloading the 193gb game. This is getting ridiculous.

I know this is old but if anyone comes across this for future reference.
Pause the download, close battle-net and run a disk check on the drive you have installed MW to. (open CMD as admin and type command CHKDSK “drive letter”)

Worked for me


Confirmed! This is what I did as well. The update finished and game launched.

That worked for me as well +1

Worked for me too. Thanks!

All these “solutions” that they post don’t work! Seems like someone drop the ball with these patches. Just recently had the same issue a couple of hours ago. Only fix reinstall the whole game.

Check this thread guys


This worked, deleted a 1KB data.271 and the update finally started. Thanks!

Delete all 1KB and IDX files in Data/data folder. Just to be safe, pause the virus guard, cable connect the router before updating/scanning.