Missing Listings in commodities api

When using the US “data/wow/auctions/commodities” api I notice that there are many missing listings that are 100% ignored.

For example look at item id 201310 on the north american auction house.

The current api data as of 3:20 pm 4/15/23 is 206 quantity with 2 listings (one at 33g and one at 333g). This is ignoring the vast majority of the market wich is a missing 495 quantity in 3 listings at 14g and 15g.

Why is the api ignoring most of the market?

The reason why the US “data/wow/auctions/commodities” API may be ignoring most of the market for a certain item is likely due to the fact that the API only displays a certain number of the most recently updated auctions for a given item. This means that if there are a large number of auctions for a particular item, the API may not display all of them, and instead only display a subset of the most recently updated auctions.