Memory Write Error

For about half a year, beginning sometime in January or February 2021, I’ve been getting a memory write error from the app the majority of the time that I shut my PC down. It states “The instruction at 0x**************** referenced memory at 0x****************. The memory could not be written.” The memory address changes, so I replaced the digits with asterisks, but it is always in this format, and always a write error. It ONLY occurs with, and only when shutting down the PC. It never occurs when closing manually, and never occurs with any other application when I turn my PC off.

I posted about it a couple months ago, but as I never saw any replies I continued to try further steps to eliminate the error. I’ve run memtest86 several times for 4 passes each with 0 errors, as well as the windows memory diagnostic tool. I also ran some stress tests on my CPU to make sure that it was performing normally (it was), so I can eliminate any hardware faults as the cause of the error. I also tried fully formatting my system drive and reinstalling Windows 10 from disk, so I can rule out file corruption as well.

I actually ended up reinstalling Windows several times over, and every time I reinstalled, the error returned with it. At no point during several reinstalls of Windows did I ever see any errors of any sort with other applications, or with the OS. This error has only ever occurred with, and only ever while shutting the system down (after the desktop closes, on the blue-background logout screen.)

Prior to reinstalling Windows, I submitted a ticket on the issue, Ticket#US79115229, and tried all the suggestions offered. As none of them had worked, I proceeded to fully reinstall, so at this point I have no idea what else I can do to diagnose the error. As I mentioned, I’ve ruled out hardware errors with my RAM, CPU, and system disk, as well as file corruption with both the app and Windows itself. My previous post on the issue is located here.