[Main Thread] Your login session has expired

Last two days desktop app is asking for password on every launch, the same is on waking up. Sometimes it can’t connect after sleep. But there are no any Internet connection issues and everything works fine if I just restart app, but anyways it asks for password and shows error BLZBNTBGS80000023, althoung “Keep me logged in” is checked.


I have also been having this issue today. It’s not really a problem as I just type in the password, approve the log in with the app and i’m away but it is kind of annoying.


Same exact issue here

I’ve been having the same issue now for the past 2 or 3 days. Never had it before. Would like to get this fixed somehow.


Same issue for me as well, my browser says not internet sometimes, but other browsers connect just fine, so maybe there is something wrong with my connection but my wifi is completely fine when i launch the application.

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same here too. not sure if it’s related to PC going to sleep.

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Yep, I’ve just started getting this in the past 2 days.

(I don’t think it’s related to sleep, as I never sleep my computer)

Looks like they have a bug. Let’s hope someone notices this and fixes it :slight_smile:

(I tried the thing where you untick the “keep me logged in” box, and then log in, and then tick the box and log in again… didn’t do anything, still asks me every time I start my computer)


Same problem here. And I use the physical authenticator (old one) so it’s quite annoying

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This happens for me too!

I re-installd the ap, still the same issue.

I deleted the cache for the app, no solution either sadly.

This started to happen to since i installed the new battle net app on my phone. But i don’t know if this is really the cause of the problem.


They do. Someone is trying to cram too much fluff into BNet and it’s causing things to break. They need to rollback to the previous build of BNet and get someone fixing the errors BEFORE shipping it out.

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I also encountered this issue.

I am assuming that everyone gets Your login session has expired. Please log in again.

Error Code : BLZBNTBGS80000023
as per support/en/article/10989

I am assuming that the session token expires if the client talks to an authorization server or the authorization server gives us an access token with a mistakenly configured session scope.
Dev team, please review the settings and if you need a Fiddler/Wireshark trace to troubleshoot let me know.

I am unable to reproduce this by restarting the machine or shutting it down. If I don’t close the application the session is still there.


Same thing here. It’s annoying.

Same thing keeps happening to me, even kicking me out of WoW during raid. Only happening since newest update. I even followed the steps here: support/en/article/43016 . I reinstalled battle.net, same thing still happens.

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Same thing here. 20 characters.

Same problem since a couple of days ago. Can we get a post from a blue?

Howdy Everyone,

We have opened an investigation for this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed up soon so the workaround isn’t needed anymore.

We will post here if we need any information for ya’ll.


Until the last update, the battle.net desktop app for windows kept my login, so every day I was able to just start it without having to provide my password.
After the last update I had to login again, with 2fa verification and since then, every time I start the desktop app, I have to provide my password again, but at least I don’t have to perform the 2fa login again with the authenticator. But still, this is very inconvenient, as I login very regularly, and on the same computer, nothing changes.
I have windows 11 installed, everything up to date. Is there a fix in the near future?


Yes… there is another thread about this here:

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That’s this thread. :slight_smile:


Yeah this is getting a little bit annoying, and would greatly appreciate it getting fixed ASAP. Guess I’m just adding my name to the list of, “This is effecting me too” people.

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