Asking for credentials upon opening

Using the Beta client.

Upon opening the app for the first time this morning, the BDA asked for login credentials despite having the “Keep me logged in” option checked. It claims that the session has expired, however, the app was closed and the computer was off overnight, so there was no session to expire.

There seems to be a sudden influx of similar reports:


Have tried suggested fixes, none have worked. Any solution?

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Ive been dealing with this and pulling my damn hair out.
with the normal launcher, and now i switched to beta to see if there was a difference.
Ive uninstalled and re installed a few times now.
deleted battle net folder and cache folder.
uninstalled my AV
added launcher into windows firewall.
My problems seem to have to begun about a week ago.
first it was the launcher just asking to update all the time.
not update a game, but update the launcher.
now its progressed to this session expired thing as well.
the fact that i’ve been wasting so much time trying to trouble shoot this and its looking like its not on my end is aggravating.

This issue is also affecting me. I have to re-authenticate after being logged out of for only a few minutes. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the launcher and updated the launcher, but the issue persists. Some details: Version Update Agent Version
Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-11400F @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
OS: Windows 11 Home version 22H2 build 22621.1702


Bliz has acknowledged this issue and is working to resolve it.

A main thread has been established in the Tech Support forum:

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Still not fixed, Blizz has been closing threads on the issue to hide it.


First, the topic of this thread is completely different than the issue you’re having. This thread’s issue, which had nothing to do with systems waking from sleep, was obviously resolved as evidenced by the reports ceasing here and in the main thread over six months ago.

Second, this thread’s issue had a solution pushed, and reports of it dropped off virtually instantly. That’s why it was closed: in order to prevent mixing different logout issues in one thread such as you just did here. And as Bliz overtly stated in the closed thread, if someone still is having an issue, make a new thread, which you have not.

Third, closing a thread leaves it in full view of everyone; it doesn’t hide anything.

So please, use some discretion. And simply take the steps that support gives if you are still having a problem.

Can confirm it’s still not fixed, it does it to me everyday, keeps asking for password?


Like was explained above you…

Seeing the reports on the issue from seven months ago dropped off after the fix was pushed, it’s likely your issue is unrelated to issue described in this thread.

As such you can either make an new thread so that your issues isn’t lost in an unrelated thread, or submit a support ticket for one on one help from Bliz’s TS.

Reports dropped off because all the threads were closed, issue was never fixed. If you read through the threads I was one of the people complaining but I only check back here every few months because of how slow and unresponsive Blizzard is.

Anyone could have made a new thread if the issue persisted. So, no, they dropped off because people stopped experiencing the issue, not because they couldn’t post about it.