[Main Thread] Not getting a SMS code when MW3 launches

Hey guys, I had the same problem for the last 2 days and solved it now. This worked for me:

Installed newest IOs update
Reinstalled the game
If you use Iphone go to Settings-Messeges and turn iMessage off.

Hope this helps someone

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But have you tried contacting support before? Because I tried here as you explained and I didn’t succeed! =/

Guys, I managed to enter an Android cell phone number. I think the problem may be with the iPhone.

so when you clicked verify phone number, it sent a verification to the android number?

I have an android, its not the problem

Solved my problem, with a diferent phone and a diferent phone company.

I have the same problem. can not play the game during the double experience event 。don’t really want to play anymore

For anyone still having issues, download the Battlenet app on your phone and enable the authenticator. With that enabled, you are able to change your phone number (with a free texting sort of app like talkatone) without it needing a sms verification from your other number.

I have android phone too and they don’t send me code at all.

Tried this method and it still doesn’t work. They still ask for SMS verification code and I tried with different mobile number as well with no response from battlenet.

same things happening to me i cant get in because i changed my number on my account but its wants me to verify it from my old number when its supposed to be changed

Same for me, I tried everything. The customer service just talks around and doesn’t really help.

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Same here, when do you usually get a response from support?

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Having same issues and won’t receive SMS Code because it says too many attempts.Its super frustrating probably the last time I purchase through battlenet/Blizzard

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Btw whoever had issues like me and couldn’t detach an old mobile number and add a new one.
Go download the battle net app and add Authenticator in the app. Now when you try to remove the old phone number you can confirm it with the battle net Authenticator. I added my new number, logged into COD received my sms and confirmed. Now I can play again

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I can’t receive sms verification when open cod mw 3
I changed phone numbers
Ask the phone service
Use app on phone
Nothing works!!
Please help, Thank you!!

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Did anyone fix this? Still having this issue, smh

It’s been like 3 days for me and still won’t receive new SMS Code or tech help

I found a solution. First I had an iPhone phone number linked, then I changed it to a Samsung, but the default messaging system of the phone was google, I changed it to the Samsung messaging system and entered the game to send me the code, I got the code without problem. I hope this helps some of you. It took me 3 days to do everything that has been said on forums and other sites, the bots of battle.net didn’t help at all

I wish I could but I need SMS so can change number but it says too many attempts smh