[Main Thread] Not getting a SMS code when MW3 launches

This was happening to me because I didn’t have a default browser set on my PC.
On PC go to settings → apps → Default apps → whatever web browser you use → set default.
This is happening because when you click to authenticate a browser doesn’t pop up because nothing is set as default

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So… I was waiting 48 hours without any attempt. With my personal number, that didn’t work again, but with my mum number it’s work and I can play again…. So the best thing you can do is wait 48 hours !

Have fun trying to receive a code then because tech support can’t bypass the error you have no choice but to wait or don’t your choice I’m just trying to help because it did for me

what support said to me today: “Our team is aware of the problem and is working diligently to resolve it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have an estimated time of resolution (ETA). We understand the frustration this may be causing, and we appreciate your patience as we work to address the issue.”

same issue than you ! now I 'm not even able to add a new phone number, I tried with 3 different one…

Hey all,

Just chiming in to repeat what Neighbour mentioned above. We have seen multiple reports of SMS messages not being sent for Call of Duty verification and general attaching of numbers. At this time I have no additional information such as what’s going on or an ETA on a fix. We’ll post here if there is any updates regarding the situation. Thanks for everyone’s understanding and patience while this is sorted out.


Same problem here! I want to play my game!!

Smae problem here , i haven’t been able to play for 2 weeks. I tried at leats 6 differents numbers, changed my SIM card, waited 24 hours between each try, etc… I´ve been contacting support every day, apparently they’ve passed my problem on to the technicians and still nothing… Please let me play !!!

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you need to set a default browser on your pc so when you click the authenticate button the pc will know what browser to open. without setting a default browser nothing opens

try going to pc and setting a default browser that’s what worked for me. without setting default the authenticate button doesn’t know which browser to open and nothing happens

How can they not provide an ETA on such a minor problem? Could easily let people authenticate through email til it’s fixed. Honestly a joke at this point.

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is there any actual fix yet i have tried all the above tips, but to no prevail. has blizzard even mentioned a eta when we will be able to play a game we bought??

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okay i was able to change my old phone number to my new one what i did was downloaded the battlenet app on my phone click top left icon go to authenticator set it up then go to battlenet on chrome or desktop and log in go to your account details then go to remove that phone number it may take a few but it will pop up authenticator in the box go to your app on your phone real fast and the screen that says no login requests after you open it up under it is enter code manually click that and put that in before the circle goes all the way around then it should remove your phone number to put a new one in

Ok so how does resolve people not receiving text messages?

So they are aware of it but what happens next? Anyone worked it out?

It won’t even try to say resent code it says I had to many attempts

Yeah if you click resend too much it will say try again but nobody is getting codes currently. Only select few

Well now I’m locked out and was told my tech support I now have to wait 24-48 hours to get it to work again. But if it doesn’t work at the 24 it will reset and have to wait another 2 days. What idiocy. Seems like a dumb rule

Yep 100% correct. Thats what they have told me too. But atleast they are aware of the issue apparantly.

Having the Same issue here! This will be the last time I will ever buy a game on this platform again. It’s actually sad, been more than 24 hours and no fix.

I am able to receive SMS from blizzard when my profile gets updated, but when it comes to receiving a SMS for Call of duty it does not work.

If I click Resent " Please try again later". Both companies are at fault here. Why punish PC players with extra steps. Should of just bought it on console.

Please Refund me, this is just a scam!

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