[Main Thread] Blizzard App & Games Disconnecting - Receiving Error BLZBNTBGS000003F8, BLZBNTBGS80000011 & BLZ51901016

I just bought a $160 Netgear router. Didn’t fix the issue. Updated the game. No resolve. Opened all my ports. No resolve. When will this be fixed??? Neither Blizzard or Activision has a Customer Support worth a half sh*t. You cant get in direct contact with them unless its a forum and then they take their sweet sweet time to get anything fixed because they refuse to handle things on a case by case basis.


I mean its not their fault, they’re just humans taking issues from a forum. Also buying a new netgear router when multiple people are having the same issue doesn’t sound that smart

Do you have any info, about how long overlooking data and processes on a fix will be I’m just curious because just as someone said the problem started after the update last Thursday or Friday. Prior to the update I was online with friends constantly all night Wednesday night from 8pm to 5am with no issue then I tried to play Sunday night and all I’ve gotten is the error code every 5 mins or so. Although yesterday I got it able to let me play Modern Warfare for Like 4-5 hours around 9am to 2-3pm and started having the same issue again and still have it today I was hoping the update Activision had and your guys’ Maintenance this morning was going to help it, but sadly it didn’t. Any constant updates on progress on this problem us users are having is much appreciated.
I’m currently running a test to send more info to help I just wish to play with my friends again, but its only battlenet launcher games every other game i play with friends not tied to blizzard at all have no issue.


I was just able to get a full match in within the past hour. I will update again if it stays up.

Are you Talking Warzone or multiplayer?

Warzone, I spoke too soon. Within 5 minutes I was disconnected again with the same error code [BLZBNTBGS000003F8]


I guess we wait for a customer support response, but if its not fixed here soon we might not get a response until tomorrow I assume. Which is a little upsetting…

This issue is running for month in fact, we simply found a work arround setting the region to ‘america’ the problem is that now we are thousand players with the same problem on every region. Fantastic…

Do you still have this problem happening to you??


Happening to me also, kicks me from Warzone within 5 minutes of the match starting.
Same error, everything on my end is good. No connection interruptions when I get disconnected. Tried everything, reinstall, cache delete, update drivers etc.

Started happening RIGHT AFTER the new update!!


yeah i just wish we had a way to tell when a possible fix will be out or updated info about the issue instead of here, been waiting/trying nearly 3 days to play Modern Warfare but still have the problem. Best we can do I guess is that hope that its permanently fixed soon.

Hey, all. I appreciate the connection tests provided so far. I couldn’t find anything shared with the data that we were seeing before. I’ve sent the information to be reviewed to see if one of our teams can look into this further. I’m going to go ahead and remove the initial post requesting connection information.

I want to see if troubleshooting may help some of the disconnection problems, or even provide a workaround for some of you.

  1. If you are wireless, please try a wired connection. For those who can’t try a wired connection, is dualband available? You should have 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless networks if you do have a network card and router that supports these frequencies.

  2. Try resetting the network devices, then try flushing the DNS.

    For Windows 10, try this additional step.
    1. Click on the Start Menu
    2. Select on the Settings :gear: option.
    3. In the Windows Settings, click on “Network & Internet”
    4. Near the bottom of the new window, click on “Network Reset”

    This will restart the system in 5 minutes.

  3. Try closing down background applications.

  4. Try another DNS service like Google or Cloudflare.

  5. If you are able to try an alternative connection or a VPN (if it’s allowed in your country, please check with local laws), do you continue to experience issues?

This isn’t guaranteed to resolve or workaround the problem, but please feel free to share if any of this works or doesn’t work for you. I hope one of these options does work for you.

This is frustrating to run into, and I really do appreciate you working with us and reporting this to us.

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Same issue. Started last Friday for me as well. Been on PC less than two months and have already deleted the game twice in the hopes that it would resolve issues. Didn’t work. Done a reset on my PC. Didn’t work. Not to mention all the other generic “troubleshooting” options. Pretty frustrating…


I always am wire connected I was testing it earlier before I saw your response and i didn’t get the error but I didn’t test it for long as well as I restarted my router and disconnected everything and let it sit while I had dinner. I also scanned and repaired the files as well while my internet was disconnected due to people being on the internet at the moment, I stopped my test and will resume troubleshooting/testing to see if what I have done has fixed anything later when everyone is asleep and I have the internet to myself to see if my latency is normal like it usually is around the time when I have the internet basically to myself and will report my further findings to this forum. :slight_smile:

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i tried everyting in this post. i roll back my system to an image of day 4. the problem starts day 6.

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Yes, I am heaving this problem and the battle.net going offline too. if I change the region to “asia” the error does not happen. I’m from Brazil, Mato Grosso, Cuiabá.

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I have been having the same problem- get dissconnected after maybe 20-30 minutes of playing war zone. This all started with the battle net update from last week. After reading all of these replies it seems the problem is with the update. I hope blizzard is looking at it or even thinking about going back to the previous version of battlenet.


Yep, if you watch the battle. net client you’ll see it briefly disconnect and then reconnect. Long enough to kick you out of the game. Even if the game is not running if you watch the Battle . net client for long enough you’ll see it happen in the top right.


I’ve put in a support ticket. I’m worried this is just going to get looked over cause BOCW is coming out and they’re already going to have a load of issues with that on launch and leading up to. I’m on the fence (was excited) about previously preordering BOCW cause I’m not sure if it’ll even work given this seems to be a battle. net client issue.


My thoughts exactly. Really didn’t have any major issues prior to last Friday. Has to be related to the update…