Mailbox Purge (Free character transfer problem)

Hello, I subscribed to blizzard today and wanted to transfer my druid from WoW Classic to WoW WotLK Classic, after I finished initializing the transfer it just said ETA - 5 min, and was stuck like that for 4 hours. It showed me an error for the mailbox and how I should clean it, but I couldn’t log the character because the transaction was “active”. I leveled a character to level 10 just so I could post here on the US forums but I’m trying to transfer character on EU servers.
Character name - Naralex
Realm name - Kingsfall
Realm to be transferred on - Pyrewood Village (WotLK)

You would want to post on the Customer Support forum.

They are probably going to have you put in a ticket for a “problem with a purchase” though.

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