Lunar Preservation 0/1 staff of moonflowers charged

The world event currently going on offers a quest to charge up a staff through various areas throughout the world. There are a couple of bugs with this quest. I am posting them here to help anyone who has had as much trouble as I have . #1 you can do the different areas in any order with one exception. MOUNT HYJAL has to be the last location. there are 8 areas in total and MOUNT HYJAL has to be the 8th. # 2 is when you go to Mount Hyjal it can bug and you will not receive credit for this area. There is a quest for the heart of Azeroth here. If you are eligible for this, you have to do it. Even if you have not accepted the quest, you have to do it. A way you can tell is , if you are able to receive credit for this Keeper Remulos will be on the shore. This happens if you have completed the quest or are not eligible for it. If he is not there, you need to do the heart of Azeroth quest. A special thank you to Blizzard for firing 800 people last year so that I have to do the quality control and trouble shoot the quest bugs for myself

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