Looking for 'some' quest IDs return 404 Not Found

I am getting the 404 error trying to access quests 66413, 66414, and 66415 through the World of Warcraft Game Data API.
These do exist and are current (there may be others but these are the three that were brought to my attention).
I am using this API to relate a Quest Name and the Quest Id. I can look these quests up on Wowhead and I can get a completion status if I am in game.
What am I missing? Thanks …

This is sadly a persisting issue,
a few were fixed in 10.1 but there is still a LOT missing,

50,923 quests in the game (to the best of my ability to check)
27,497 quests are in the API

which means there is 23,426 quests missing from the API
These seem to fall into several categories (mostly)

Most Bonus Objectives
All but 1 World quest
Quests marked Obsolete (still in the game code but disabled)
Most Tracking quests
Some quests in the chains required for the achievement “Friend of the dragon isles” (this is the case for the ones you mentioned)

if a quest returns 404 in the game data API, it seems to prevent it from returning in the profile completed quest list API