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I know that the remaining legacy games were just added to Battle.net. But will there ever be a way for those of us with our physical copies and keys to “link” them so we do not have to repurchase them? Like what was previously done with WC3 and Diablo 2 digital keys? I really hate buying things I already own that haven’t been enhanced link Diablo 2 and SC were. Also, most computers don’t include CD drives anymore. Thanks.

Of the 3 legacy games that just were made available, only WC2BNE had a CD key. D1 and WC1 predated CD keys. So, for D1 and WC1, there’s no way to verify previous ownership.

For WC2BNE, the generation/validation algorithm has been lost to time, so there’s no way for the modern Battlenet to read them. Thus again, there’s no way to verify previous ownership.

However, for WC2BNE, if you have the original CD (and key), you can install it and patch it to the latest version. That will give you the exact same version that Bliz is offering. With that, the single player will be fully available. For multiplayer, by default you’ll also be good to go as long as you want to play on the legacy gateways. However if you want to play on the newer “Global” gateway, you’ll need to apply a system registry change.


Thanks for the info. I haven’t ran those games in years since I don’t have a disc drive. I pulled out the cases, and now see there weren’t keys until WC2BNE and SC. I guess I will just have to buy them again, then.

I see there is a link for the original SC in Battle.net but it takes you to an external installer that was made free. Is that the reason its not also in the Battle.net app and just the newer Remaster?

The remaster has two parts: The original game which is free to play, and the Remastered mode which you have to buy.

So if you just grab SCR from the game launcher without purchasing anything, you’ll have access to everything that the original game had.

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Ahh. Good to know. Thanks!

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For war2 try this

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