Warcraft II Battle.net edition cd-key redeem

I have my old Warcraft II Battle.net Edition Cd-KEY and CD.

I tried to redeem it on the the battle.net app and I received the message “We can’t process this code at this time. Please try again later.”

Will it ever work, or I need to buy the game again?

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Your old cdkey will work with the version from Gog if you can find the installer. I had trouble without login to my gog account but its out there, I just didnt dig. This connects to the bnet/gog servers for multiplayer. Far as it stands from other posts, if you want to launch the game from the bnet launcher you have to pay up, again. I tried to do the same as you Lacroix. I own 2 physical copies and now 2 digital copies, gog and bnet. :woozy_face:


I, too, paid for the BNET version when I already had GOG, under the assumption there was going to be a difference between the 2. I won’t ask for a refund, but would instead ask that Blizzard puts some work into their legacy games to make it worth the purchase :slight_smile:


The WC2BNE CD key can’t be linked to a Battlenet account. The generation/validation algorithm that was used with WC2BNE has been lost to time, meaning the modern Battlenet doesn’t have a way to read them. So the short answer is yes, WC2 would need to be bought again in order to use it through the launcher.

That said, if you don’t mind using the game’s shortcut to play, you can:

  1. Install from the original CD (using the CD key).
  2. Patch up to current. You can find patches on some of the fan websites. Just use discretion on where you get it from. I believe the most current patch is 2.02.
  3. For stability and graphic fixes, use “Patch #4” and for Battlenet functionality use “Patch #4” which can be found here.

At this point you’ll have the same version that those using the launcher have (with some stability fixes as well).


This is not a cdkey redemption solution but a way to use your currently owned key. Just need to acquire the official GoG installer for warcraft 2.

How to use your old jewel case cdkey or gog key without the gog cdkey changer and not be muted/sent to the void when trying to chat in the battlenet lobby.
1 - Create a new note pad file. I leave mine on the desktop.
2 - Open that and enter the following
REG ADD “HKCU\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft II BNE” /f /v “bnkey” /t REG_SZ /d YOUR16DIGITCDKEY
3 - replace the YOUR16DIGITCDKEY to your jewelcase / gog cdkey
4 - save, exit and rename it to whatever you like with .bat as the extension instead of filename.txt, example keyfix.bat
5 - double click and run this file after launching battlenet launcher. Before you start Warcraft 2. The bnet launcher updates the key all the time, so if you start the game with the launcher. DO THIS EVERYTIME YOU OPEN THE LAUNCHER, before starting Warcraft 2. You can avoid having to run this file we just made if you don’t use the launcher and open from other places like your war2 directory and Warcraft II.exe

I made this because I was tired of using the registry editor and gogs key changer to change my key after bnet launcher overwrites it.
Way faster and blizzards bnet launcher key has me muted.
With my original jewel case key, I can chat with others.

UPDATE: Uninstalled the battlenet/blizzard launcher version of war2. Restarted computer. Put in gog key and ran gog war2. Closed game. Ran battlenet launcher and opened any other online game through it. Closed that game and checked registry to see if war2 cdkey was changed. It didnt… SUCCESS. Now do I ask for my beer money back or donate my $ in hopes that Blizzard fixes this muted shared cdkey issue. :thinking:

If you are looking for other fixes, check out github from FunkyFr3sh.

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@GrouchySmurf, we have figured out with some tickets responses, why some are muted with bnet launcher key.
It’s cause the LACK of port forwarding with the new bnet launcher key.
Only when I got home, could I test this. And confirm.
At work, Im unable to access the router settings.
So if you cant resolve the port forwarding, your solution is the best answer.
And you get your own key instead of a shared one.
Hope this helps.

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Whats the gog key changer that people have mentioned around here?

The steps you list, is that only to avoid muting? I don’t see how it makes it so that you dont have to buy the game again. Dont you need to buy wc2 from blizzard in order to even download it on the launcher? I heard the the launcher doesnt detect gog’s version, so thats not a possibility.

GoG install has a cdkey changer program packaged with it. It does the same as thing as the script that GrouchySmurf detailed how to make. Could just edit it in the registry. Same difference.

For my circumstance with using bnet cdkey on either client versions Gog or bnet launcher at camp(work). I was not port forwarded. Therefore MUTED.
When I got home and had port forwarding, the muting issue(sent to the void) was resolved.
If I used a different cdkey, I had no muting issues. However I couldn’t create or join a game without Githubfixes from FunkyFr3sh. His fix allows you to join games without port forwarding, but your latency may be high. IDK the ins and outs of networking.

In order to be able to start the game from the Bnet Launcher, yes you need to buy the game. Correct the launcher doesn’t detect gog’s version. I start the game via shortcuts.

However if you own the physical or gog copies already, GrouchySmurfs solution works to play without the BNET launcher on the new official server(connect-forever.classic.blizzard). Which is the same as GoG.
So I start my game from the desktop/start menu/exe without port forwarding in camp, and can chat in bnet lobby / join multiplayer games.
Noting that you need to find the gog installer or install from cd / patch to the current version. I have only successfully done so with the gog installer + any of my old jewel case or gog keys. Others have done it with the cd, but I can’t comment further on that part.


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