Latest news in one column

Hello, latest news in my beta battle net app switches to one column. I really dont like this change. Before there was one bigger picture and three smaller pictures in news. The space was used better in this composition. Is it only my problem or is this change planned?

What happens if you make the window wider (by click and dragging the sides)?

I too have the same problem. Making the window wider only makes the 1 row bigger.

I’m also having this issue. Re-sizing the window changes nothing. I’m using a 1440p monitor at 100% window scaling if that makes any difference.

Also got this issue. It looks like its loading properly but turn into a single column. tried a clean install, cleared cache, even scan & repaired games… nothing helps. also @1440p, full screen.

I’m having this exact same issue, that all the news is in one column only. Resizing does not help. Have had this issue for a long time now…

Same issue here.
I also notice that the scroll bar is positioned in a weird place.
High DPI Support does not influence this behaviour.
Using two 1440p monitors.

This may be intentional. If you check the News Article that was released today about the new Bnet Launcher it reviews some of the intended features.

I checked that article, and that’s not how my new launcher looks like.
So if you check the picture of the launcher in that article, there is one big picture of the new expansion pack, then under that 3 other smaller news articles - that’s how it’s supposed to look.

However, in mine, everything is in a vertical row, one news article after the other.

I posted an image of what it looks like on my launcher (still on the beta, picture taken today January 16, 2021) - but not sure how to provide that image as I’m not allowed to post links?

It’s an issue that has been there for over a year and it still hasn’t been fixed.

Have the same problem for about two or three months.

Same for me.

It looks like it only loads the “Latest news” part. Missing all remaining sections of the news page.

I also reported the same problem in another post, and someone just linked this one into mine.
Hopefully blizzard will hear about this or just intended beta feature.

How it looks:

After a ticket response, I was told
“this might be an update the app is having and we are trying to get it sort out from our end.” and to make an post to the Bug Report forum so they could take a closer look. (which i did). also referenced this thread.

If I recieve any further valid news i will update this post.


Signed in today and its all loading properly now.

fixed for anyone else??

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No it still looks the same to me. But I’m from Europe and opening the Beta version

Looks like it’s finally got fixed today.