B.net 2.0 - going live.. - Potential Bug - or Unannounced change

Since the most recent patch to the beta launcher, the “Latest News” Section only displays as a single column and Not as they do in the Blue post Preview images.

There is a forum thread (not started by me) - Latest news in one column

I have tried reinstalling the app / (converting to Beta), cleared cache, reinatalled games, scan & repaired games.

When launching the app, the news section displayes the appropriate grey loading boxes in bit only it actually displayed the “news stories” it turns into this.


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I though it was my main account, because when I log with my sec account it works normally.
Glad to know that it is made public. Hopefully Blizzard bnet app team will fix this.

I don’t like 1 column news is horrible.

working as intended now… :slight_smile: